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Wednesday 5

No Blogs for the rest of the week, very busy. More next week.


Monday 5

The school run with me and Dan.

School Run


Well, I survived the Spawn of Satan’s 5th birthday party.

We’re off for a meal at the Dodford today to celebrate Wifey’s birthday.


Went for a nice pedal with my Old Army Buddy Simon Bloom (aka Bloomy) yesterday, he rides a very nice Specialized hardtail which I had a go on, it’s very eager to launch which is a slight difference to my FSR!

This is Bloomy, on the trail a Roman Road actually heading towards Stourbridge.

Me and Bloomy near Kinver for a photo op.  At a place called Turbine Cottage. Must research that name at some point.

At a high point above Turbine Cottage.

The trail did get a bit wrecked in places due to the plethora of nags in the area. Check the photo out below!

That’s my front wheel going nowhere fast!

A very enjoyable couple of hours out, chatting and catching up as we pedalled. Great to see Simon again and recall past glories!

Today is a double whammy. It’s Wifey’s Birthday and we’re holding The Spawn of Satan’s 5th birthday party today too. TAKE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday 4

Yesterday me and the kids drove the half an hour up the road to RAF Cosford which is a rarity these days, a still open operational RAF Station and home of the RAF Museum Cosford.

I’ve been loads of times being the huge Aircraft and History Geek that I am, but it was a first for Dan, but not Fay as she’s flown from there as a member of the ATC. (Air Cadets).

The beauty of the Museum is that it’s free and as I’m a bit financially embarrassed due to being temporarily unemployed it’s a great half term option for a day out.

We spent a good few happy hours there and had a picnic. I’d recommend the place to anyone. A few photos below.

Museum Entrance

Aerodynamic education!

Dan flying a Spitfire…

Above is a TSR2, one of the Labour Government’s of the 1960’s greatest crimes. Cancelling this world beating aircraft.

A Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a revolutionary rocket powered aircraft that served the Luftwaffe at the end of WW2. It had an embarrassing habit of desolving its pilots alive if it suffered too a heavy a landing and fracturing its fuel tanks which contained the highly corrosive fuel called T-STOFF.

A Pucara captured during the Falklands War of 1982. Quite apt I’m showing it here as there seems to be a bit of tension growing between us and the Argentinians over the sovereignty of the Islands again.

An Avro Lincoln, successor to the mighty Lancaster. My Dad when he was in the RAF saw these birds fly their last operational mission in Malaya in the 1950s against Communist terrorists during the Malayan Emergency.

Dan at the arse end of the Lincolns Bomb Bay!

One of my favourite all time Aircraft, The DeHavilland Mosquito , the Museum’s Mosquito is done out to represent the aircraft Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC was killed in.

Cosford has a relatively new hangar dedicated to the Cold War, which is quite nice for me as I spent most of my military career training to fight the Warsaw Pact hordes massing just over the other side of the Inner German Border. Well I say fight, staying alive for the predicted few hours after we started transmitting from our relay wagons was the aim. Then smearing on the factor 2,500 and waiting for the cans of instant sunshine to be deployed by the Sovs. the business end of a Mig 21 above.

And speaking of cans of instant sunshine, a Submarine Launched Ballistic missile and it’s “Technical package” below.

Let’s hear it for Ronald Reagan, the man who won the Cold War without frying the world!

The bomb bay of a Vulcan Bomber.

Just check this out. What an inspired way to display the EE Lightning!

Even today, this mean machine from the 50s will out sprint all modern fighter jets, pity it was so thirsty and had the endurance of me on a particularly bad day!

Imagine the dancing diamonds blasting out the back of these 2 babies!

Here’s something I forgot was here at Cosford.

James May’s 1:1 scale Spitfire from his BBC2 program Toy Stories. It looks pretty good actually!

Fay and Dan by a Red Arrow’s Folland Gnat.

And the final aircraft, a still serving C130 parked up at the maintenance unit for work.

If you’re in the area, well worth a visit. Plus all of the other Telford Museums are not far away. Ironbridge with all of it’s industrial heritage is a must.

Thursday 4

Off out with the kids today, to a place that’s half an hour away and free! More on this with pics tomorrow.

Wednesday 4

Signing on today, and a job search review whatever that is…