Monthly Archives: July 2016

Feeling the heat…

I know I live in Dear Old rainy England, but we have seen unusually high temperatures and clear Sunny days of late. Which makes my knee injury all the more galling. Ideal cycling/commuting weather and I’m stuck at home on my backside.

On Monday I attended The Princess Of Wales Hospital in Bromsgrove, after much NHS bureaucratic faffing around, to see the knee specialist.

I have never been to medical school, not a medical professional at all, but he confirmed my feeling that there is more than one issue going on in my 52 year old knees.

He analysed the MRI of my right knee and confirmed that I have a severely torn medial ligament and a badly damaged meniscus both of which needs surgery to rectify. Months of hanging around to be told what I’d already guessed when the injury occurred back in February. I am now on a waiting list. I actually asked the specialist how long will I have to wait for the surgery and he said and I quote “It’s up to the secretaries to work their magic.”

He also said I need to keep my immense weight off the leg at all costs until after the operation. A problem for me in regards to work. Concerned about that lots…

But to finish on a positive, my daughter is back home on leave in 2 weeks after a particularly tough exercise in Canada with her Regiment. If we are friends on Facebook you will have seen her post exercise calamities in all of it’s gory glory. She is well on the mend now and cannot wait get back to Blighty for some well earned down time.


Knee jerk reaction…

My knee appointment to see the consultant has finally been confirmed after the complete NHS admin disaster of 2 weeks ago.

It is the 18th of July. 2 weeks tomorrow. which is just as well as I am now having more bad days than good with the knee.

After a visit to the Docs last week, during a particularly bad knee day, he actually told me what specifically was causing the pain and why I do have good and bad days with it.

The cartilage and the ligament are damaged and the damaged bits are flapping around in the knee. Those flappy bits sometimes get caught in the knee joint resulting in a big ouchy situation.

The treatment according to my GP will be surgery to repair/remove those flappy bits.

So there we have it. Just looking forward to getting it sorted and removing the ouchy bits from my life.