Monthly Archives: October 2010

Sunday too quickly

Coaching today at Bees, me and my mukka Ski are doing a player assessment on one of the APDG lads. He’s playing in a game this morning so we get to watch a game of rugby and call it work!

Cleaned all the bikes yesterday. I’ll be using my Ridgeback for the next few days, the road riding is getting a bit samey again so it’s all change up the canal and NCR5.

I got a new light front yesterday for the towpath pedalling, I’ll chat about it tomorrow once it’s been tested. My old one has died so I needed a new one anyway.



Did my weigh in yesterday, a static result which I’ll take considering I’ve been ill and missed a weeks pedalling.

A good night last night at the Dodford Inn, Richard had some cracking beers on I had one too many, plus they had Spoz and Dave playing a gig. I used to work with Spoz at Longbridge at MG Rover, cracking bloke and a bloody entertaining gig as usual. A thick head this morning though.

Today is about keeping about keeping the Spawn of Satan entertained as the girls are off to an antiques fair at the NEC with the Mum in Law. Probably do some visiting I think. Plus my bike needs a bloody good clean after a weeks commuting in the wet.

Also noticed I’ve cracked 4000 commuting miles this week too at a grand total of 4004!

Truth day…

Weigh in later, which considering I’m not on the bike due to a docs appointment to discuss my test results from my bad belly last week is not looking too positive. I’ll take a static result I think.

Last night’s pedal home was a nightmare, just short of 50 minutes into a howling gale and driving rain. Not brilliant!


I’m starting to feel slightly better now, morale is slowly on the up. I have no idea what was up with me. I can only asssume it was related to the bad stomach I had last week. It’s not something I want again. I absolutely hated how I felt as I’m normally a happy go lucky glass half full type of bloke. A depression type thing did not sit well with me at all. I know wifey was very worried as she’d never seen me like that in the 23 years we’ve been together. Right. That’s now behind me hopefully.

Yesterdays pedal home was incident free on the Bristol Road and this morning’s pedal was a slightly changed route over The Waseley’s and through Halesowen and Quinton. Again incident free and a bit of variety can do no harm.

Listen to the pouring rain…

My new overshoes had their first outing today, they seemed to work ok. Now all I need is an item of clothing that will neutralise the effects of the wind. Otherwise a standard pedal over the Beeches and through Harbourne.

Yesterday’s pedal home was as predicted a battle against a nasty headwind. Apart from that it was uneventful with no-one trying to kill me.

A bit difficult to say how I’m feeling in myself today, not sure if I’m feeling any better morale wise, which is slightly disconcerting to say the least. Numb is the word I think…

Tail wind

Had a hell of a tail wind into work this morning, it was amazing how much of a push it gave me going up the nasty hill in Harbourne, anyway a 32 minute pedal in and a new record I think. But the downside is the wind going home.

Yesterday’s pedal home was a good one too, apart from being blasted by a bloke on a tourer on Frankley Beeches, full mudguards, big saddle bag the whole nine yards, after he flew past me he got to the top and pedalled back down¬†again waving as he went. Nice.

Not sure what’s up with me at the moment, I think a Docs visit might be in order. I’m feeling very very low, quite depressed in fact, not like me at all. My circumstances haven’t changed any or anything untowards at work, maybe a chemical imbalance of some kind? I dunno. As daft as it sounds (cue embarrassing cringe here) I almost feel like I could cry, and I haven’t got a clue what about!

My post pedal euphoria is missing at the moment as well. Weird times…


Thick frost this morning, first morning for me in my cycling leggings too, also I deployed the Buff for toasty ears. Apparrently it’ll be warmer tomorrow, but chucking it down and very windy. Nice.

Nothing to report about the pedal in other than it was freezing.

The force is not with me at the moment, feeling pretty low and tired.