About me

Clive Chapman, a fat, broken, ex Army, ex Rugby playing bloke who after a successful weight loss regime back in 2009 – 2012 succumbed to lethargy and gluttony again. Follow my Mk 2 trials and tribulations here!



Me just before I started this stuff at my fattest, June 2009 at 22st  4Ib



This one was taken April 1st 2011 at 15st 4Ib after a successful few years proving it can be done!

You can read my original story from 2009 in the archives. My latest story begins in January 2016.



12 responses to “About me

  1. Though the ‘after’ shot isn’t a profile shot like the ‘before’, I do see a difference. You look much better! Keep it up!

    Also read your post about your recent chest pain. Hope everything’s all right and that you manage to harness your love for cycling to lose still more weight.


  2. The piccy of you in that armchair (or was it an entire sofa?) is a much more visual “before” shot, you should get it on here!

  3. Hi There Clive
    I noticed you had become a follower of our blog – http://www.paulandgaryaremad – just thought I’d drop by and say hello. Hello.
    Your story sounds similar to mine – I started out at 21 stone – went through a marriage split and re-discovered cycling (I’d done a bit as a younger man) almost three years later I’m down to 14st (still hoping to drop at least another stone) and fitter than I’ve ever been. As you know I’m cycling LeJog in June with my mate Gaz – it’ll be tough but we need a challenge!! – Anyway, fantastic job, keep it up, spring is on its way, it gets easier as it gets warmer I think!!


  4. Thanks for dropping by Paul, I’ll be following your story with interest!

  5. Hi dad,
    Keep up the hard work!! I know you can do it 🙂
    Love you

  6. Just wanted to say keep it up.

    I’m 4 months and 1000 miles in to a similar journey. Started at about 21.5, now down to under 20.

    It’s good to see others doing well and looking so much better for it. The two sofa-shots show a huge difference.

  7. Cheers Trem, keep at it!

  8. Looking to get back in the saddle myself.

    Im 6ft 4 in and 320lbs. How did you find a bike that would support your weight at the beginning of your journey? I see bikes online for oversized people but are approx $2000.

    Any suggestions

  9. Hi Scott,

    You don’t need to spend that kind of money starting out. A basic MTB would be fine for you. Just make sure you get it fitted correctly and maybe forgo suspension forks or a hybrid, something like this and check out the price.


    I guess it’s not what you’d call a “cool” bike but it would certainly do the job. Or check out Ebay.

    I started out around your weight and my old rigid steel MTB did me just fine, I rode it all year round and through a really bad UK winter. Don’t forget, you’re only going to be getting lighter!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you find what you’re looking for and my reply was a help. Please keep in touch and let me know how your fat to fit biking is going!



  10. Wow you’ve come a long way mate! Well done! I just hope i can do similar… now I’m gonna read the rest of your blog and see how you did it…and to pick up tips for my own blog!

    Us chubbies and shorties (I’m5’8″ short too…) gotta stick together!

    Shameless plug- http://chub2stud.wordpress.com

    Thanks matey!


  11. Reading your article on bike radar (http://www.bikeradar.com/blog/article/i-was-morbidly-obese-then-i-rediscovered-cycling-24462/ ) felt like i was talking to myself, my situation and thoughts are exactly the same as yours . I’m from India and currently weight about 18 stones, standing 5’9 inches tall. Post reading the article i feel motivated to re-start cycling for better health.

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