Monthly Archives: October 2016

Update post knee surgery…

It is nearly 2 months since I have put finger to keyboard, but 10 days ago I finally had the surgery on my injured knee.

In the accident I had at work back in February, not only did my Medial ligament get damaged along with my meniscus, but my cartilage was also torn. All of which the surgeon said he worked his magic on.

My rehab consists of a series of Physio excercises that I am doing religiously (but which are causing me a bit of grief), regular icing and rest,┬ábut I get the stitches out of my 2 surgery wounds on Friday. I still cannot kneel down, nor have I got a full range of movement in the joint and I cannot stand for too long either. I’m sure the painkillers are assisting me in my pathetic attempts at hobbling though.

But all being well, I’ll be back at work the end of the month, hopefully back on my bike too.