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A very quick “hello I’m still here!”

What a week! I hate DIY but it’s all I’ve been doing. I’m especially proud of my work bench I’ve built in my garage, also known as the “Man Cave!”

The new abode is coming along nicely with just the arrival of the wardrobes in a week’s time that will need fitting and that will be that for the inside. I’m leaving the garden as that is wifey’s area of responsibility. But while I was building my work bench it appeared that a squadron of B52s had deposited a few hundred gallons of Agent Orange on the overgrown trees and shrubs. It would seem we’re having a massive bonfire in November!

I’ve already been on a few pootles with Dan and wifey on the bikes around the general area. The immediate area is a hell of a lot flatter than our old location. But there will be a few big hills on my new commute. That’s Monday.

I haven’t been doing excercise per se lately, but the house has been keeping me very very active. Lifting, carrying, fixing, walking has all conspired to leave me knackered and aching at the end of the day. I’ll be re-starting the running next week after a 2 week break. I’ll recommence at the week I finished at last time. Plus my Giant Defy has been fettled for it’s new life as my solitary commuter.

My next little missive will be on Monday when there is quite a lot to talk about.


I’m in!

My house move happened on Friday. We’re in. I now have 2 weeks off! Looking forward to the rest… (see what I did there?)

My blogs will be a bit sporadic for a bit while I get stuff sorted. Have fun everyone and Don’t ever stop!


I’ll be a bit busy for the next few days, so I won’t be posting anything. I’ll be back, all things being equal, on Sunday. When hopefully I should have some good news.


Yesterday’s pedal home, uphill, on a singlespeed into the 30mph remnants of Hurricane Katia was quite possibly the worst hour I’ve ever endured on a bike. I was broken when I got home. But I did pedal the whole way, even if on the climb up into Northfield and the climb up to the Dingle my forward speed was reduced to 3mph. It hurt.

The wind also treated me to a bit of jungle travel. Just past Winson Green bridge on the canal a tree was down completely blocking the towpath. I had to drag myself and my bike through the branches to carry on my battle into the wind.

Tree down on the towpath

Tree down on the towpath


Into the branches

Into the branches

Dragging my bike through...

Dragging my bike through...

Out the other side.

Out the other side.


I had to use stills from my helmet cam for the pictures above, work has very kindly blocked Youtube from its employers so I can’t show the film.

A tad gusty…

I’m not looking forward to my pedal home later, 25mph headwinds to contend with, uphill on a singlespeed! I enjoyed the tailwind in to work this morning, even though it was raining. Autumn is here, Summer has gone.

The old weight was static again this week, despite the running. I’ll be doing some research to see what I can do differently or better to get it going in the right direction again.

The rugby continues…

After a full on rugby day yesterday, the theme continues with Dan going to his first ever rugby session at Bees this morning. He’s joining the u7s a year early for tag rugby. The age thing doesn’t matter too much as tag rugby is a non-contact sport concentrating on handling skills on the side, but emphasing fun and play. Anyway, Dan is already as big as the kids a year older than him so it’s no problem.

I’m looking forward to the Colts game v Ledbury this afternoon, should be a good day!

England’s Rugby World Cup campaign got off to it’s usual ropey start against Argentina, a team we historically seem to struggle to play well against. I think I’ll just take the very ugly win and move on. I hesitate to say it, but I really can’t see us playing that badly again. I know that’s tempting fate, but what the hell?

On a brighter note Bees won their first game of the season in a pretty convincing fashion. Physicality and aggression was definately ramped up a few notches and the Cinderford pack was pretty well buried into the Damsen Parkway turf. Much to my delight! More of the same next week please fellers!

My running continued this morning, this much like my cycle commuting is now starting to become “normal” for me. The run over the hills is definately getting easier despite the ramping up of the running program.

Running and cycling at not far short of 48 years old. As a 21 year old rugby player and soldier, if you’d have told me I’d be doing that a few years shy of 50 I’d have taken that!

A totally full on rugby weekend…

After watching the Kiwis thrash a pretty disappointing Tonga in yesterday’s opening game of RWC2011 I am now beginning a weekend of Rugby packed action!

This morning is England’s opening game of the tournament v Argentina, then I’ll be going to the Bees game this afternoon v Cinderford RFC which is where I’m anticipating a much closer game than the previous 2 thumpings we’ve been on the recieving end of.

Tomorrow is all about Bees Colts where we’re travelling to Ledbury RFC for our second game in the North Midlands Colts league. Hoping, no I’m expecting a good win to keep us top of the league.

Not much biking stuff to be honest, I’ve had to stop the 30 Days of biking for reasons I’ll go into in a few days. Suffice it to say I’m massively busy at the moment. I’ll be back on the canal commute Monday on my singlespeeder.

The running will be kept up, week 6 starts tomorrow of the Couch to 5k program.