Monthly Archives: February 2016

Testing times.

I tested my knee & hammy out at a desk yesterday afternoon at home. I still cannot sit for any length of time with my injured leg bent. It is just too painful. Which means as much as I want to go to work, I am still here at home on my sofa with my leg elevated and on ice. The hammy is improving slowly but my knee is now starting to concern me.

I’m looking forward to getting back to normal (whatever that is) and returning to a familiar routine of cycle – work – cycle – home – repeat ad infinitum…


Sunday Rugby review…

Off with Dan this morning to Aston Old Eds Rugby Club where he’ll be playing with his Old Hales U9s team mates in a few games.

He is well up for the challenge and has already got his Rugby Kit on!

Yesterday I enjoyed the best Rugby in the 6 Nations Championship so far with Scotland playing some lovely Rugby to beat Italy and England putting on a gutsy show to defeat Ireland.

Both England and Scotland are very much a work in progress in regards to their style and application, but both coaches must be guardedly happy with the forward movement of their charges.

For England Billy Vunapola deservedly got man of the match and the young Maro Itoje who I mentioned on Friday seemed to take to international rugby as if he’d been playing it for years.

Moment of the match though belonged to Jack Nowell’s try saving tackle in the corner, it lifted England and seemed to be the final nail in the Irish team’s spirit.

Wales now beckons for England in two weeks, I can’t wait for that one. As every Rugby person will tell you, Wales have an almighty chip on their shoulder when it comes to England. They always play above themselves when they see a white shirt and having seen just how poor France are this will be England’s toughest game of the tournament.

Back to work tomorrow by car.

On my feet…Just…

I went with the family for a tactical hobble around Bromsgrove this morning, not too far, not too taxing, but just enough to test the injuries. It went ok ish. I was limping quite heavily and did feel the hammy tweak a couple of times. But it was the knee that was giving me the most gyp as I thought it would.

So if I can wake up tomorrow with the injury no worse from being on my feet this morning, then it’ll be work on Monday thank God. My new job has not got off to the greatest start!

But onto more important matters, it’ll be time soon for England v Ireland in the 6 Nations!


The weekend beckons…

Friday morning and I’m still perched on the sofa, ice under my hammy and knee immobile as the cliché goes, I’m still taking the tablets too.

My plan is to gingerly have a hobble around tomorrow to test progress with a view to returning to work on Monday, which along with getting better is a major priority.

I’m reading a great book at the moment called Better Than Before by Gretchen Reuben which is about how to develop good habits, it was recommended to me by my friend Rusty who is a top notch Rugby coach and Teacher, so thanks for the heads up mate.

The book gives you strategies to form and maintain the behaviour (habits) you want to be important to you in the aid of your goals. I’m about half way through and I suddenly realised that it was yet another classic case of verbalising stuff you already knew was correct at a sub conscious level and dragging that stuff kicking and screaming right to the front of your thoughts. That brilliant moment when you discover you’re muttering “Oh yeah, of course…” to yourself.

On the subject of Rugby, it’s the 6 Nations this weekend where England face potentially their first real challenge against Ireland having already beaten Scotland and Italy in the first two matches.

It also heralds what could be the start proper of a fabulous international career for one young man in the shape of Maro Itoje as he gets his first Senior start at Twickenham. He caught the eye with a cameo from the bench in the game against Italy.

Maro Itoje

He captained England U20s to a World Cup win and plays his club rugby at Saracens who are currently flying high in the Premiership.

He comes across as a fiercely intelligent young man who is rightly proud of his Nigerian roots and speaks eloquently and thoughtfully in front of the camera. With the correct mentoring, managing and coaching there is no reason why he can’t be the cornerstone of an all conquering England pack for years to come. Good luck Maro and good luck England!


Obeying Orders

Just a quick in and out as it were, I’m keeping my leg elevated, iced and rested, plus regularly necking the pain killers and anti inflams as ordered to by the medics.

In the short term it’s a pain, but I’m after long term gain because I’m determined to be back to work as soon as humanly possible.

I’m also sticking religiously to my food discipline regime.

Back to my Kindle then…

A bit of a reality check…

The visit to the Docs yesterday didn’t quite go as planned. Instead of prescribing me stronger pain killers so I could carry out some semblance of cracking on, he instead told me to carry on with the rest, the regular icing, Brufen and the pain killers the hospital gave me.

He gave my knee a thorough examination and said it’ll need an MRI scan once the swelling has gone down as he wasn’t happy with what he found and on no account should I spend time on my feet if at all possible!

The tricky thing now is telling my new Boss.

The even trickier thing is doing the right thing with my weight loss. Lying here just watching TV or surfing the internet is not an option. For the next few days I’ll need something productive to be doing.

I’ve decided to catch up on my reading in a big way, I always read in bed before I go to sleep, but as I drop off quite quickly I never usually get more than a chapter read of what ever book I’m reading. This enforced break will let me knock a few titles off that have been sat on my Kindle for a while.

That didn’t go too well…

My first day back at work was a bit of a disaster, my leg injuries were hurting that badly that I couldn’t concentrate or get in a suitably comfortable position at my desk.

At mid day I finally conceded defeat and went home, where I knew I could find a comfortable position for my leg on my sofa.

Today I will be getting in to see the Doc to see if I can get stronger pain killers to allow me to get back into work as soon as possible.

Onwards and upwards!