Progress so far

Jan 25th 2016- 22 stone

Current weight – 20 stone 7Ibs.

Weight loss – 1 stone 7Ib

Commuting miles this week – 0

Non commuting miles this week- 0.

Total Mileage this week – 0 miles.
All up Total mileage from Jan 25th 2016 – 168 miles.

15 responses to “Progress so far

  1. I am not familiar with ‘stone’ in weights. Must be a British thing we don’t use here in Canada. Is 22 stone 4 lbs 220 lbs?

  2. Hi Abram thanks for stopping by. A stone is 14Ibs. I was/am big.

  3. Congratulations on your progress! I’m a big guy also, so I know how hard it is to take the weight off. Keep riding!


  4. Hi Clive

    Seeing your progress and especially the amount of weight you have lost is helping inspire me. I have a similar amount of weight to lose and seeing that you have done so well so far and are continuing to lose weight is really proving useful.

    Hopefully I can have a similar result!



  5. Hi Abram,

    You are an inspiration to me. I am just over 18 stone and I need to start cycling again. I began in the late summer after getting a bike on the cycle 2 work scheme, but I gave up as the weather deteriorated. I must admit I don’t enjoy the dark winter days, the cold weather and the crazy drivers.

    Rob nr Romford, Essex.

  6. Hi Clive,

    Sorry, I read Abram and typed the wrong name by mistake.


  7. Hi Clive

    Your story and blog is an inspiration!

    What kit do you use to track your rides?


  8. Hi Dean,
    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.
    I used to use a normal cycle computer available from every bike shop. Then I progressed to an iPhone app called Cyclemeter, which was great but the restrictive battery life was an issue. Now I use a Garmin Edge 500 which is absolutely brilliant and I wouldn’t be without it.
    The website ride with gps is useful too.
    Hope that’s a help.

  9. Hi Clive

    My biggest downfall is food as well. What sort of things do you have for evening meals and especially when you go out?

    I have stopped drinking achohol at home and try to moderate it when out to just a couple of pints, is that simular to your Friday visits to the pub?



  10. Hi Dean,

    We don’t go out to eat too often if at all at the moment, what with an obnoxious 3 year old that would piss other diners off! So I can’t really comment.

    If we did then we would see it as a treat and not be too bothered within reason what we had, so I don’t give it much thought to be honest.

    As for normal evening meals Wifey cooks so it’s a meat and veg thing, or pasta or a stew, curry or chillie. Nothing outlandishly “diet” as it were. Just everything in moderation, I haven’t got any banned foods.

    It’s not what goes in your gob that’s the problem, it’s the amount that goes in your gob!

    I haven’t had booze at home in God knows how long, apart from a glass of wine with Sunday Lunch. At the Dodford of a Friday it’s 3 beers and no more. Obviously on the odd rugby occasion the amount gets bigger, but it’s a rarity.

    Hope that’s answered your questions ok?



  11. Nice one Clive, exactly what I was looking for.

  12. Hello Clive,

    On 23 May 2010 I weighed 19 stone 13 lbs and decided to do something about it. Fortunately I have no health issues. I am almost 47 and I started cycling for the first time in 30 years and I also cut out all booze, all cheese and all dessert – except when I go to a fancy dinner in other people’s homes.

    So far I have lost 2 stone 7 lbs. My 2011 goal is 14 stone 13 lbs and my 2012 goal is 13 stone 9 lbs.

    I was always a big guy at school but it is amazing how the weight creeps up. I was 15 stone 10 lbs about twelve years ago when I had to do a lot of walking all over London but then I left there for greener pastures.

    Thanks for your blog which I have been following for the last few months. It inspires me a lot as does Frank Kinlan’s blog.

    Thank you and keep well.

  13. Hi Antonius,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to comment. Good luck with your weight loss cycling. Please keep dropping by and letting me know how you’re getting on!



  14. Clive,

    Finally checked your site out after seeing your many comments on Steve’s blog. Great read. Good luck with the rest of those stones (however many you want to get rid of still)!


  15. 2011 had been a disappointing year weight wise. I cycled 1,865 km this years – almost three times my 2010 distance.

    It wasn’t like 2010 and I really battled with my weight. By August I had lost 6 kgs and by 1 January 2012 had picked up 7.4 kgs. So I am disappointed to be 1.4 kgs up on the same time a year ago. But my health has been good and so I must count my blessings and try again in 2012.

    I am also still freelancing and hope for a permanent job sometime soon.

    Good luck and best wishes to you and your other readers for 2012.

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