Went for a nice pedal with my Old Army Buddy Simon Bloom (aka Bloomy) yesterday, he rides a very nice Specialized hardtail which I had a go on, it’s very eager to launch which is a slight difference to my FSR!

This is Bloomy, on the trail a Roman Road actually heading towards Stourbridge.

Me and Bloomy near Kinver for a photo op.  At a place called Turbine Cottage. Must research that name at some point.

At a high point above Turbine Cottage.

The trail did get a bit wrecked in places due to the plethora of nags in the area. Check the photo out below!

That’s my front wheel going nowhere fast!

A very enjoyable couple of hours out, chatting and catching up as we pedalled. Great to see Simon again and recall past glories!

Today is a double whammy. It’s Wifey’s Birthday and we’re holding The Spawn of Satan’s 5th birthday party today too. TAKE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!



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