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Ring in the new…

Good riddance to a year to forget. An ill wife, the house move from hell, the death of a much loved relative, my dog being put down and being made redundant. Nice.

As the D Ream cliche goes, things can only get better.

So, moan over and with an almost American sense of optimism and moving forward here we go with things only getting better.

I now have a job, my old job actually, we were bought lock stock and barrel by a very large multi national corporation as I kind of guessed we would be. That didn’t lessen the impact of signing on and being without the means to look after my family though.

There is quite naturally a bit of suspicion of our new employer’s motive’s, but their Head Shed has said we will be left to function as was with our personnel, we will not be relocated and they cannot foresee it being any different. Time will tell. Obviously we have all being looking for mirror functions that can be integrated into the massive organisation that now owns us, but we cannot see any exact fits. Again time will tell.

The house is now sorted and we are used to where we are now. I have been MTBing a lot and will stick some photos up in a future Blog.

Onto the main thrust of this blog, weight. I have failed to lose the 3 stones I said I would this year. But I’m still pedalling and still being careful with the grub. But not too careful, especially over Christmas. But do you know what? I don’t care, we have been through the mill this year and I figured we deserved it.

My weight is still what it says in the progress so far page.

Next year, starting Tuesday, I’ll be back on the commute and doing the running and core stuff with my daughter. And the food management will back.

I seem to have been saying that quite regularly over the 2 and a half years of this blog. Weak willed or what…

At this point I must take a moment to thank you all for the messages of support, offers of potential positions and leads. It was quite humbling and was great comfort in a very trying time. I consider you all friends, thank you.

Have a very happy and healthy new year everyone!




After the initial shock of Monday’s totally out of the blue news, and me suddenly having no income the week has passed in a blur of CV (resume for you Yanks) writing, shaking the trees of all my contacts for any positions and signing on the dole.

Yep, I’m now government statistic who is waiting with bated breath for my £67.50p a week dole. They call it job seekers allowance now, but I won’t be getting it until the end of January due to administration issues.

I have already had one job interview, which went well, but unbelievably I found myself turning it down just as the man was offering me the position. It didn’t “feel” right if that makes any sense and I found myself driving back from Lichfield in a daze wondering why I did that. The money was crap, the hours wouldn’t have worked but it was a wage, although I wouldn’t have been seeing much of my family and would have had to find the cash to buy a car again. I did ask for and get some very positive and useful feedback about how I interviewed and my CV.

I’ve registered on a number of Agencies, got myself on Linkedin although I’m still not certain how that works and am still in close touch with my management colleagues at my old place.

I think I said our side of the business was profitable and it was the IT side that dragged us and the whole group under. So as the range of very high profile multinational blue chip Companies who use our kit are getting very nervous about the capabalities of their mobile workforce’s to function, I am cautiously optomistic that we will be  bought from the receivers and be able to take up where we left off.

Indeed I have already taken a number of phone calls from senior managers from our customers who are frantically trying to ascertain just what the hell is going on and what are we doing about it! The reality is we can’t do much other than indicate we can crack on if we can raise the cash.

It is at this point I must thank everyone who has offered help, support, sympathy and a willingness to pass my CV and name on to potential employers, it is at time like this that gestures like that do make things easier.

Well, the sun is out, the frost is thick and when wifey and daughter come back I’ll be out for a MTB ride come what may.

World of Hurt

Year of hell? Not even close.

On Monday we were marched off the premises at work and told the company was now in the hands of the reciever, we weren’t getting paid again, which was due Thursday and there would not be any redundancy pay.

The galling thing is that the Engineering side of the business was making a profit and I was busier than a busy thing and it appears that the IT side of the business has dragged the whole group down.

As a practicality, we have no money and bills including a mortgage to pay for.

So Dear Reader, please contact me if you would like to see a CV, as a precis, I’m a Maintenance/Warranty/Support departmental manager that supports equipment in mobile workforce vehicles. Our customers include the military/Police/Ambulance/Fire/AA/RAC and various Public Utility companies. This is in the UK Europe and the States and Middle East.

Happy Christmas.