General Election 

My one and only post on the General Election. Then nothing political from me again because it’s pissing me right off!

I as usual will be urging you to attend your polling station and exercise your democratic right, you never know when it may be removed!

I also as usual will be attending my polling station and writing “none of the above” on my ballot paper. Along with other words including “corrupt, incompetent, self-serving and liars” etc etc.

Already I can hear cries of “wasted vote” and “you’re allowing (insert your political opponent of choice in here) to get in!”

Well, all I can say is that I am unique among my friends with whom I discuss politics with, because I am the only one voting with my heart and being true to myself. Everyone else and I quote here is “voting for the least worst”. Whether that’s Conservative, Labour, Liberal or whoever.

If you are reduced to voting for the least worst, then your vote is more wasted than mine, because they’re not what you want.
As far as I’m concerned that is no choice. (But I support their right to do that obviously). 

The country has never been so poorly served by its politicians. The standard, honesty, integrity and capability of those in power has never been so low. The very system that attracts the wastrels we have now must surely be called into question. How many of those representing us now would you trust with your own personal money, property, business or kids?  

It is my heartfelt wish that the system is changed to make voting compulsory and have a box to put your cross in that says “none of the above.”

But we all know why that will never happen. Which just highlights even more to me the inherent dishonesty of those in power.

The ones standing in this election are not worthy of your vote, they’re not worthy of the honour of serving you and they’re not worthy of sitting in the Mother of all Parliaments and they’re definitely not worthy of representing this nation of which successive Governments of all political hues have brought to its knees.

But please attend your polling station and exercise your right to vote. Where ever you put your cross.

But as Mark Twain famously said, “If voting really made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”


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