Bikey Day…

After a quick test of my belt drive all rounder I realised that the brakes were screaming more than a wife who realises that her Hubby has just sneaked in another new bike into the garage.

A quick removal of the pads revealed that the pads while still having plenty of meat on them were glazed to buggery. So a short bit of time attacking them with emery paper removed the offending shiny stuff and revealed the original pad surface.


While I was in the mood for a bit of gentle fettling, I did a quick service of my Giant road bike.


Then it was off out for a pedal on my belt drive, just a very short, test the knee out type of pedal, no big hills, no major off road, just an idea of where the knee is in regards to rotating the old cranks and propelling me forward.

It was properly cold at – 2 degrees and I wished I had put tracky bottoms on instead of toughing it out with shorts. But I got round with only a few twinges and aches and pains in the old knee area.


I was quite happy with how it went, a cliché bike and gate photo on the route above and a quick snap of the main Birmingham to Worcester main line pedestrian crossing below.


Now I have to sort out some regular routes with a progressive increase in distance over a sensible time frame, start organising a sensible varied food intake, oh yeah and find a job…


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