A lot has been happening…

I had my post knee operation assessment today at the hospital. My knee, while it has been very painful has recovered enough for me to walk without a limp. The surgeon said it still will be painful as knees take quite a while to become pain free after surgery, so it’s just a case of being a patient patient.

I was fit to go back to work on the 31st of October, but for reasons many and various, my Boss kept putting off my return to work protocols, so I had extra time at home until they could be carried out. A date of Thursday the 17th of November was finally arranged for me to attend the return to work interview. And I was promptly made redundant at the meeting. Reasons that were cited were lack of work, a restructuring of the company and a new strategic long term plan.

I was thanked for my efforts, given a months notice pay and told it was with immediate effect. Was I surprised? No not really, the lack of the companies urgency to get me back was a massive Red flag and I was half expecting it.

I am now back in the job market, so if anyone has any openings please let me know!

Now my knee saga has effectively come to an end I can now continue with the slow process of getting back on my bike and getting back outside. Every cloud always has a silver lining!


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