I’ll probably regret this…

After The Euro Referendum where, unexpectedly my Nation voted to leave the European Union, the standards of behaviour of our Political Classes and more disappointingly our electorate has deteriorated into something that is in my view far more sinister than anything I have ever seen in this country before.

I’ll ignore the pre referendum distastefulness as I have commented on that before.

What is happening now goes beyond the bounds of distastefulness and into the realms of something far more darker.

I was brought up in a political household, my parents being members of a political party, but despite their views, which were at times far to one side of their party, not once did they question the democratic process whatever the results. It was hammered into me, one man one vote, this is how we do things here and people have died to get you that right and to protect that right. The winners might not be right, but that is democracy, we live with it and crack on.

Now I understand that some people are upset by the results, I get it, I really do. But since when did we decide that we can ride roughshod over the will of the majority of the people? In our country now, the self appointed “betters” are citing “Intellect”, “Racism”, “Poor information” “Lack of education” “being working class” and “being old” while generally being full of contempt for the majority of the country who did vote to leave.

So much so that they are amazingly calling for a second referendum! Where does it stop? In theory then, if they do get a 2nd go at it and win, can the Leave folk then get another go? And don’t get me started about the areas that voted in or out. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted Remain, England and Wales voted Leave. Some parts of big cities voted Remain, while others parts of those cities voted Leave. I know people in my street voted differently. Where does the demarcation stop? Can Jim’s house down the road petition Brussels to stay in the EU while Sharon over the road leaves? It is totally ridiculous! Can the people under 35 stay in while those over 35 leave? This is just pathetic! I’m astounded, disbelieving, bewildered, a little angry and more than disappointed.

We voted as one Nation. This time even the naysayers cannot say that as a Nation that there was not a clear mandate within those guidelines to leave. There was a clear mandate to leave. To change that now would set a very ugly and dangerous precedent. It would in fact be the start of the end for democracy in this country. Just take a moment to let that sink in. The start of the end of democracy in this country. If the will of the people is overturned, what then?

It doesn’t matter what I voted. These are my opinions and observations regardless and I would be saying them if I had voted leave or remain. I know how to win humbly and more importantly I know how to lose with good grace. In fact it is one of the tenets of the game I love, that of Rugby Union.

It might be a good idea if the Nation looked at the game’s core values.

Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

The big 3 in this situation are:

Teamwork. This is where we are, the people have spoken, let’s pull together and make this work.

Respect. The people on the other side of the argument are entitled to their views, they are worth the same as your views, show some respect.

Sportsmanship. Don’t be a bad loser, you congratulate the winner, learn from it and move on and try and improve. Don’t be a bad winner, no-one likes a gloater, show the hand of friendship and fellowship to the beaten side and learn from them as their views will have some merit too.

Like I said before, surely we’re better than this?

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