Breaking the habit of a lifetime…

I don’t usually do this, but in the absence of any pedaling news I am going against the very sensible advice of my Dad who told me “Never discuss religion and politics with friends” I’m going to talk about the EU referendum.

For my friends across the pond who may be unaware, this is an open vote next Thursday for the Nation to decide if the UK stays in the European Union. It’s currently dominating the news and all of my social media feeds with various people both famous/infamous/unknown all chucking their ten pennorth worth in as to whether we should stay in or come out.

There are a few problems in this for me.

  1. Nobody of either side really knows what will happen if we stay or leave.
  2. The people telling me what they think I should do, are mainly politicians.
  3. News media

Onto the first issue, both sides are coming out with various “facts” or predictions of what will happen in either case. The other side then comes out with counter “facts” or predictions to disprove the other sides case.

The second problem is the one I have with Politicians of every hue. They are all, self-serving, lying, cheating, criminally corrupt, power seeking ego maniacs, who pander to the highest bidder, or opportunity to stay in Westminster regardless of the consequences.

Then we have the news media of all types, most of who are owned by large corporations with vested interests in one side or the other.

Who to believe, what to do?

I am genuinely torn, I always attend the polling stations and exercise my democratic right at every election, but because I feel such despair at the choices in front of me, disgust at the people standing and a loathing and contempt for system in general, that for the longest time I have written pretty much what I wrote above about Politicians on my ballot paper.

My friends who I do discuss such things with all tell me the same. “You’re wasting your vote Clive, I agree with you mate, they’re all idiots, so that’s why I vote for the least worse!”

Vote for the least worse. Think about that for a moment, you’re not choosing an MP you actually want, you’re choosing the lesser of 2 evils. Is that what our glorious democracy has come to, yes we have to have someone, so we’ll go for this incompetent corrupt twat instead of that slightly more incompetent corrupt twat. Good choice…

My answer to that is this. If more people actually feel like I do and have no faith in the people standing or the actual system now, then why don’t they vote actually how they would like to? Why not be true to yourself. I can safely say with my hand on my heart, I haven’t voted for any of the idiots in power since probably 25 years ago. None of this bollocks is my fault!

Just think of the constitutional crisis that would ensue if the winner by a huge margin at every election was spoiled votes. Especially scrawled with similar comments to mine! The idiots at Westminster would really understand how we feel and realise they have no mandate to do the stuff they want to do. Plus the media feeding frenzy would be something to behold! Career politician, what the hell is a career politician? Someone who is straight from University, has no life experience and wants a large expense account for very little work is what a career politician is!

Anyway, back to the Euro Referendum, what to do, where do I put my X or shall I do what I usually do? In the absence of believable data from either side I can see people tossing a coin!

I have these 2 conflicting feelings, one is to stay, my reason is that looking back on our bloody history, especially European history, we have the start, however wobbly of the first knockings of World Government, which if we are to survive and thrive as a global species, then this must happen eventually. I take Gene Roddenberry’s view of a future world as a model. World Peace for the future based on the small start of the European Union!

My other feeling obviously is to leave, mainly because I guess of my age and weirdly knowledge of our history, who in their right mind would trust the Germans? Or even worse the French for F***s sake! The other thing that is telling me to leave is the lack of democratic process in the decision making/policy department in Brussels. None of the big wigs are elected, they’re all appointed Mandarins on a huge wage! Where is the accountability?

But, as with all of my views about modern politics and the vultures that inhabit the corridors of power, I really believe none of it will matter in the long run.

But I’ll leave you with this, which sums up my feelings about everything “democratic”, Mark Twain famously said “If voting really made a difference, do you really think they’d let us do it?” He was a very astute Gentleman…


4 responses to “Breaking the habit of a lifetime…

  1. Tony Harfield

    Here’s the thing mate, if you want change but never vote for it, you will have no chance of seeing it regardless of how you feel about the self serving bunch of hoo hars. The main issue is a long time coming. Immigration!! It’s on the lips of nearly everyone you meet. It impacts on every aspect of our way of life. We have old soldiers, young soldiers, the elderly. Homeless, hungry…the list is endless. Try to get a gp appointment…you ll get one..eventually and when you do…try a referral..not a f#$king chance. It blows my mind we pay 18bn into the EU..5bn back in rebates and 4bn in subsidies…That’s 9bn..yes 9bn. We could do so much at home with that money. Instead we have a group of clowns telling us how to run our lives, spend our money and who with and worst of all tell us who can come here whether we like it or not.

    Out cycling some months ago we came across a non English speaking chap with a dirty great fuck off knife..ranting in who knows what language living under a canal bridge. How in heaven did he get here and who knows how long he has been here. Kids cycle that route. We had to call the police in case he hurt someone. And we have no idea how many have entered the country. WTF!!. I want some sort of life for my children and their children. This open door policy has almost strangled this country. Bollocks to GDP. I ll take quality of life all day.This is England and we are an island , we have a government,like them or not.a sovereign queen and we should decide what we do and how we do it. The country in places is unrecognisable to me…my grandfather would be heartbroken to think of the loses he and others suffered just to hand it all over. I have felt like a stranger in my own city in cannot continue.

    June 23rd…I will be putting my mark in the leave box proudly and in hope that enough of the talkers are prepared to walk the walk and do the same.

  2. I agree about counting spoiled papers. It is a conscious decision to say that you disagree with the choices you have been offered and have made the effort to express that opinion. It is very different to the choice of not voting at all.

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