I’m still here!

Just a quick in and out as it were to prove I’m still here.

Another month hobbling around like an 80 year old. But my hospital appointment with the specialist has finally been confirmed as next Tuesday the 21st.

This will be the big moment when I finally get to hear exactly what is wrong with my knee following my MRI scan the week before last. More importantly I’m hoping I’ll be given an idea of treatment and when I’ll be fit again!

I may have mentioned before, it is getting a tad boring now!

It hasn’t stopped me doing other stuff though, I had a great day’s fishing last week in Shropshire with my mate Ski and my Son Dan, we all caught fish, some nice fair sized Carp but the fish of the day was Dan’s Perch, the biggest I’ve ever seen. Well done Dan!


Me and Ski finished the day with an evening at the pub, then had a curry. Simple things done well.

Me and Dan have also been out target shooting with our air rifles over a friend’s piece of land. Anything to get outside!

We have a family weekend away coming up which we’re looking forward to, but more on that after the event!

My daughter Fay landed in Canada on Saturday with her unit, she is on excercise for a good long while at the British Army Training Unit in Suffield. BATUS for short. Living the dream! A proud but jealous Dad! I wish I was 20 again!

To finish, I had some good news over the weekend, I was honoured to be offered a coaching position with The North Midlands Ladies Rugby Squad. That’s a pretty big deal and I really am looking forward to working with the calibre of athlete that The North Midlands County Squad has in its ranks.

I had that good news just after I watched England beat Australia in Australia with the lads at my Rugby Club. It was a good Rugby weekend all told!



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