Testing testing 1 2 3…

It’s kind of hard to write a weight loss through cycling blog when you can’t cycle because of a knee injury.

What I would say is that for whatever reason I find it hard to concentrate on food discipline when I am injured and cannot cycle.

That’s not a whinge, just a simple fact. I haven’t stood on the scales in 2 weeks and I know all my good intentions in relation to food are being severely challenged.

Weekends are very tricky and I find myself being constantly tested. Monday to Friday isn’t an issue at all as I’m very busy here at work, but come Saturday, wow, it’s difficult.

Last Monday my knee caved in at work and I fell over in a heap in front of my desk after bouncing off a door. I wasn’t certain if it was a shock of pain or just a complete knee failure that caused it. All I know is I was on my arse quick smart.

I revisited the docs and I saw a different bloke, one I get on quite well with, we both share a love of aircraft geekery and that subject usually comes up a few times every visit!

Anyway, to cut a long story short he didn’t bother with anything other than ordering an MRI scan immediately and mega strong pain killers. Quite why the previous Doc and the knee specialist didn’t is a bit beyond me. But hey ho, small steps, or small limps…

I’m glad he’s done that as I genuinely think there is more going on in there than the specialist thinks. An MRI scan will hopefully show the injury in all of its glory and be able to help with a quicker course of treatment.

It is getting a tad boring now…


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