I want to ride my bicycle…

Not too much happening due to my knee injury, which to be honest is starting to grind me down a tad. It is not getting any better, worse if anything and it’s constantly very painful. Sorry for the whinge, but being a veteran of knee injuries over the years I’m not at all optimistic that physio will help. And it’s still over 2 weeks until my physio starts. Oh hum…

Dan has been racing around the village and the surrounding countryside on his bike with his mates and I have suddenly become the go to person for the local kids bike repairs. I ought to start charging! The amount of times Dan has rocked up with yet another mate in tow, with them saying “my Dad can’t fix this, Dan says you can” is now bordering on epidemic.

Yesterday it was a seized BMX rear wheel which the lad’s Dad said was busted brakes which he couldn’t fix without new brakes. What it actually was, was the rear wheel axle had come loose and moved the wheel over to one side of the frame so the brake was constantly on. A quick spin up with an adjustable spanner soon freed it up so the axle was positioned correctly and Dan and his mate was soon on their way again.

Monty Python’s Bicycle Repair Man springs to mind…

The food thing is becoming a huge battle again, concentration is wavering and my resolve is being tested every minute of the weekend. Work isn’t an issue as there is no food around, but time at home is a challenge. I just want to ride my bicycle! I’m sure there is a song in there somewhere…



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