Quick Update…

It’s been a bit quiet of late on the cycling weight loss front, mainly due to Easter with Dan and slow progress with my knee injury.

My injury finally got diagnosed by a specialist last week as a grade 2 medial ligament tear, for which he has organised physio for. I also had a new experience while he was examining the knee. The guy doing the examining was late 20s early 30s and a rugby player, so we were getting on famously, but then he dropped the line that I knew would be aimed at me eventually, but not so soon!

He said “If the physio doen’t work, we’ll MRI it and have a rethink, but we don’t like operating on people your age!”

My age! I’m officially old it seems. My knee is still very painful, but he said to ditch the stick and try to walk as normally as possible to start killing the scar tissue on the ligament. I musn’t limp and again I quote “Just man up!” That is easier said than done, but I’m doing my very best!

Being a veteran of various knee injuries over the years I do know a bit about dodgy knees and I’m not confident that physio will work. The injury is just not getting better, not even slightly and that’s with me doing everything the medics have told me to do.

But we’ll see what the physios say, which unfortunately is 3 weeks away. So from injuring myself in February to getting the first meaningful treatment will be almost 3 months to the day.


2 responses to “Quick Update…

  1. Hit the like button, but it’s bad news you had to wait so long for meaningful input to your injury, what is the NHS coming to? Hang in there, cheers.

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