A bit of a funny one, I was meant to be in work, but the good folks minding Dan for me this week had to pull out late yesterday evening. I’m currently waiting for my Boss to let me know if it’s ok to go into work with Dan in tow.

Anyway, onto things you wished you never did.

Last Friday I went out for a Mountain bike ride on my new Cannondale. Here she is in all her 27.5″ wheeled hardtail glory after I’ve done all of the necessary to her to make her mine.


This includes, Ergo Grips, Crudcatcher, SPDs, a bigger layback carbon seat post, my Brooks Ti Swift saddle and my Garmin mount. I have to get a Neoprene chainstay protector and a wider bar. Initial reactions are that she rides very well, for the bigger wheel size she feels as flickable as a 26″ and the frame feels suitably stiff and eager to launch the bike forward with a bit of pedal pressure.

After living with my Orange 5 for a while I finally bit the bullet and admitted that full suspension bikes are not for me. I have had 4 full sussers of various makes over the years and I have never enjoyed the experience as much as I have a hardtail. So this is me now.

Onto the ride itself, Dan wanted to take me to the local bomb hole that the kids around here play on, so he led the way. After a brief bit of road work it was all off road onto the local bridleways and we ended up at the foot of a steep sand bank on the old Roman Road that I knew pretty well. He then shot off right off the trail into the trees and after about a 100 yards, there before me was a veritable playground of drop offs, berms, bumps and gnarly single track through the trees. You can rely on kids to find everything can’t you! When did we as adults lose that?

A few piccies of the fun.

Me and Dan

Me and Dan enjoying the fun.


A bit of drop off riding…


Over the bumps…


Carrying a bit of speed over the trail…


Working hard back up the trail…

It was great to go out new bike testing and to pedal with Dan, but it came at a cost. My injured knee did not enjoy it one bit and since Friday it has been protesting quite loudly about the trip out. Like I said, things you wished you never did.

Knee assessment by the specialist this Wednesday afternoon…



2 responses to “Monday…

  1. Clive just found your website again good to see you back on a bike, I too find myself creeping back looking at bikes and now the weather is picking up I have itchy legs. I haven’t ridden for about 3 years after an accident, but am getting that yearning

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