May I be the 1st to wish you Merry Xmas!

Easter Monday and the weekend has flown by at a unreasonable rate.

Despite my knee giving me severe gyp all weekend, Good Friday was spent enjoying myself working on wife’s MG TF. It doesn’t matter how well you check a car, or how far you test drive it, you only get to know its foibles when you live with it for a while. So there were one or two things that needed sorting. Luckily having worked at MG Rover for a good few years I do the know the car’s characteristics.

I reseated the carpet so it wouldn’t lift up from its edging trim, colour coded the door mirrors and door handles with MG Starlight Silver spray paint, tidied up some well dodgy after market cabling, fixed the heater controls, fitted a new stainless steel gear knob to replace a well worn leather one and fitted the tonneau cover over the soft top roof.

All that needs doing now is to replace the detachable hard top roof heated rear screen cabling and connectors that a previous owner had obviously forgotten to disconnect before he took the hard top roof off. Both the roof and the car sides of the connections are totally buggered! Luckily I know my way around a soldering iron.


The results of a couple of hours work, most of it unseen, but pretty pleased with the door mirror and door handle colour coding!

As it was sunny I took Dan for a spin with the roof down, his first experience of open topped motoring, he loved it!

Friday evening was the pub, as usual with the hooligans from the Park Gate at Dodford, 2 hours of “grown ups” being very silly and the kids being very sensible as the photo below proves.

sensible kids

Saturday as befits a Bank Holiday weekend in England was atrocious weather, so a day of TV Rugby watching it was. Wifey and Daughter went shopping and Dan benefited with a few more toy guns to add to his ever increasing armoury.

That left Sunday and a visit from an old Army mate, we enjoyed a cracking day telling war stories and generally pulling up too many sandbags. Jeff enjoyed listening to Fay’s stories as a youngster from the “Modern” British Army. No doubt us old and bold has beens were boring her senseless!

Me and Jeff used to do a lot of Mountain Biking together back in the day and I enjoyed showing him my belt drive bike, he’d never seen anything like it before and it was good to have a proverbial one up moment on him! He whacks around his Wiltshire trails on a Orange 29″ full suspension bike now. It was great to see him in such good form!

That leaves today, Bank Holiday Monday and it’s chucking it down. Standard. Not sure what she who must be obeyed has planned, no doubt I’ll find out shortly. I am home with Dan and Fay for the rest of the week and Wifey goes back to work tomorrow. I am still doing the right thing food wise, even with all of the Easter distractions, so the weigh in Friday will be interesting. Have fun people!


2 responses to “May I be the 1st to wish you Merry Xmas!

  1. Lovely car! I’ve been driving a Toyota Yaris from new, 13 years now. Whoops, I’m back to being that fat boring commuting sod aren’t I? I wish I could say I’ve been doing the right thing foodwise like yourself, but I started to pull my socks up today. I am definitely taking your lead, cheers.

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