Thinking Positive…

I now have a week off looking after Dan during the Easter Holidays. I spent a hugely busy day at work yesterday prepping for my time off and making sure everything was in place for my absence. The last thing I want is for the place to fall over because I’m not there or my colleagues having to do stuff because I didn’t!

With the positive outlook and making a massive assumption that I will get my knee sorted soon I will be making an addition to my stable.

I already have a road bike in the shape of my Giant Defy, which has served me well and will continue to do so, I have my commuter, my self built belt drive Cotic Simple. What is missing since I sold my under used Orange 5 is a mountain bike.

I have had my share of full suspension bikes and to be honest, I’ve never really got on with them, even the Orange 5 which was by far the best full suspension bike I’ve ever had.

I have always liked hardtails, I’ve always liked Cannondales, so this beast will be winging its way to me pretty soon!


Cannondale Trail 1, I’m looking forward to a healthy knee and blasting my local trails!


2 responses to “Thinking Positive…

  1. Looks good, I can’t say I’ve ever got into mountain biking, only off road I do is canal tow paths which I have to say are pretty grim, maintenance wise, around here. Not that my Pioneer is capable of mountain biking anyway. My early bikes, which I still have i.e., Carrera Subway 8, 21 and 18 were what I’d call hardtails, but I only used them for commuting. I still have them lying idly in the shed, whole or in pieces. That’s what I do on my bikes, I’m a right boring, slow commuter, forgot to add fat! Good luck with the new ride when you christen her. Cheers.

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