The realities of a working week always sink in waking up on a Tuesday. Thankfully time to think about that sort of stuff is pretty limited as I am massively full on here at work all day.

Food was good yesterday, just a chillie & rice type thing at 1800hrs which wifey concocted which was very nice!

I had my courtesy car arrive yesterday to use while my car is being repaired from the accident 2 weeks ago.

A fully loaded brand new 5 series BMW estate. I shall have to have my neighbour reverse into my car more often! I won’t want to give it back!

But most importantly of all, it is the build up this week for England’s final game of this year’s 6 Nations tournament on Saturday.

They have already won the Championship, but what they really want is the Grand Slam. That is when they win every one of their games. A hard thing to do. The last time they did this was 2003 in Dublin, to use the cliche, I was there!

Standing in their way is France in Paris Saturday evening. France have nothing to play for and by general consent have been pretty poor this year. So, a France with nothing to play for and seeing white shirts in front of them playing for something important to them.

All bets are off, this will be a hum dinger!


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