Memory, food and the working week…

My working day on the weight loss front looks like this:

Cup of coffee 1st thing, which I’m drinking now.

Water for the rest of the day.

A meal at home in the evening.

As my knee is getting no better and has plateaued at the bloody painful stage, the mornings and work are a bit tricky. My hamstring is nearly better though, with just the odd twinge to remind me I injured it.

Which means hobbling around in the morning, trying to protect my knee injury while sorting Dan out, has meant that I have totally forgotten to step on the scales. I will be doing that this Friday come what may.

My strategy for remembering will consist of a series of yellow post it notes on the wall, between my bedroom, along the landing and into the bathroom with the words “WEIGH YOURSELF FATSO” written in big red marker pen.

That should do the trick…



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