Friday stuff and challenges…

This week has propelled along at an alarming rate of knots, if my perception of the passage of time accelerates as I get older, then it will seem I’ll be at my funeral next week!

A few challenges here at work to overcome, not least trying extract information from a colleague about what the flinkin’ blip is actually going on!

They were sort of a stop gap in this role before I was employed as Operations Coordinator and their idea of coordination, organization and communication is slightly different from mine! Talk about broad brush strokes and a bull in a china shop approach! Very little detail and a feeling of “what the fuck just happened” afterwards!

They mean well and as person they’re very likeable, but it’s not making my job easy at all. I like detail, every T crossed and every I dotted with a load of “what ifs” built into the plan and thoroughly documented to boot. Oh well, it’d be a boring old world if we were all the same.

Just to add insult to injury in what hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for me, I was in a small collision this morning. No one was hurt as it was a walking pace bump.

It was very frosty this morning and the car windows were all icy. I scraped my windows and wing mirrors until they were serviceable. I backed my car off the drive, stopped to change from reverse to first gear and my neighbour opposite reversed off his drive and backed straight into my nearside back door.

His words were “Sorry mate I didn’t see you” to which I responded and “I can tell you why too” he looked a bit blank at me and the penny dropped when I pointed out his frosted up back window and wing mirrors. He effectively backed off his drive blind. As we live up the top end of a cul de sac, he made an assumption that there would as usual be no traffic to worry about.

We all know about assumptions…

But there could be a bit better car news tomorrow.


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