Just a Diary, or self discipline…

I guess with me travelling to work by car and not being able to cycle yet, this weightloss cycling blog becomes a bit of a diary rather than a story of epic pedals through Netherton Tunnel every day!

The blogs may not be as interesting to you cycling folk, or as inspirational for you weightloss people, but I need the discipline of a daily blog to keep me motivated. I also love looking back and using it as motivation and a reminder that I can actually shift the pork.

But for now, until the medics tell me otherwise, it’ll be resting up, even here at work where I have a stool under my desk to keep my leg elevated, I’ll be doing the right thing food wise and just cracking on as best as I can.

It’s a bit weird, I find it harder to do the right thing with the old grub if I’m not exercising, if I’m full on with both aspects I’m fine, take one of the two pillars away and I struggle.

But for now, this is how it is for me. In the spirit of blogging every day there may be some really off piste subjects being discussed, stand by…


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