Friday Update

It’ a a static weight situation this week. Which means 0 Ibs lost.

This doesn’t surprise me as I knew that the big weekly losses would stop eventually.

But the food discipline will be spot on and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing as I know it’s a proven recipe for my success.

The biggest thing I know is that it’s not exercise that is the most important thing to weight loss, it’s food consumption that is the thing that has to be controlled. I appreciate that I sound like a cracked record by keeping on saying that!

Another thing that hit me yesterday was something I always used to say to my Rugby players. You learn the most from your mistakes, so I always coached with a relaxed attitude to errors. Let them make a mistake, then get them to identify the cause and come up with the solution.

Where I’m going with this is that during my last weight loss by bike thing from 2009 to 2011 during which time I shipped around 7 stones (100Ibs), was that the mistakes I made was to always let my concentration waver and take my eye off the ball.

As I sat icing my hamstring yesterday it hit me. Wifey at meal times kept on asking me if I wanted anything to eat or snack on. It struck me that during 2009-11 occasionally I would mindlessly say ok to the food rather than stay on message. That was my mistake, I would lose concentration, so doing the right thing with food was still a conscious decision rather than a habit I didn’t have to think about.

That has all of the appropriate Rugby coaching similarities. You put your players in a situation during training where their technique is tested under pressure and they have to execute their skills and decision making in gradually less and less time and space.

When they can consistently do it almost without thinking about it under maximum pressure, then you know you’re on the right track. Sporting studies have shown that it takes at least 10,000 repetitions for a technique to become a skill and to be carried out sub consciously without thinking about it, like we ride a bike.

If it takes my coaching mentality to remind me to become a habitual healthy person then so be it.

A weekend of icing, painkillers, rest and coaching clichés then!


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