Say hello to my new friend for the next few weeks…


Leaving work last night I slipped on the workshop floor. The floor has a shiny surface, a van had just been driven in from outside and so the floor was wet.

I fell quite heavily, my right leg went one way and twisted and I went the other. It hurt immediately and I knew my right hamstring had torn high up, also I knew my right knee had twisted.

So after getting home very carefully, applying ice and taking pain killers I slept downstairs as getting up the stairs to bed was impossible.

This morning I knew I was in a bit of trouble, I couldn’t use my right leg at all and it hurt very badly, so the hospital it was.

After an X-Ray, some treatment and advice I am now at home with my new friend the stick. A upper hamstring tear as I thought and a medial ligament strain of the knee.

I’ll be home resting and icing it today and tomorrow and over the weekend. Monday I’m hoping I can get back to work, but obviously by car, which is a bummer.

In a few weeks it’ll be physio, but in the meantime painkillers, ice and rest.

This is now the danger time for my revisit of the weight loss by bike routine. I have 2 days at home, plus the weekend to stay on message.

This is where “Thinking Clearly Under Pressure” comes into its own and a reminder if a reminder is needed that no progress is ever linear, it has its ups and its downs. This classes most definitely as a down.

I’ll be weighing myself tomorrow.


2 responses to “Say hello to my new friend for the next few weeks…

  1. Bad luck Clive, hope the hamstring and knee are on the mend soon, good luck.

  2. Thanks mate, appreciate it.

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