Early Days…

The instrument of truth has spoken, it is now 3 weeks of the return to fit thing. Well return to lighter thing, I’ve only ever been fit to drop…


So the scales tell me that another 4Ibs has disappeared this week from my ample girth. Which equates to a 1 stone loss in 3 weeks.


That makes me feel good. It gives me more motivation.


But, if you’ve been a regular around these parts for a few years, you’ll know that I’ve said before that this isn’t the time to let your smugometer go off the scale. No. The time for that is when you’ve had the shittiest of shittiest days, got home and want to reach for the take out menu, or say bollocks to the pedal I’ll do it tomorrow. We all know those times.


As Sir Clive Woodward famously said, “Deploy TCUP” or Thinking Clearly Under Pressure. If you can do the right thing in trying circumstances, then that is the time to allow the smug needle to creep gingerly into the red. At this point in the proceedings we’re still running on the novelty factor and the grind hasn’t started.


Early days, but an ok day. Nothing more.


2 responses to “Early Days…

  1. Great well done keep the momentum going mate xx

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