Friday catch up…

A very quick precis of the main 2 thrusts of this blog, that of weight loss through cycling.


I started my job on Monday 25th of January weighing 22st, my commute along the cut is 6 miles and takes me approximately 35 minutes.


Things I had forgotten about towpath pedaling, how bumpy it can be, how slippy it can get and just how bloody wet it is even without falling in!


On Wednesday my pedal was accomplished in one long 6 mile 1” deep puddle. That means I need to remember my Sealskinz socks, which I did for yesterday, but it appears that 4 years of sitting in my drawer has killed them! New Sealskinz have been ordered.


Looming large on my commute is Netherton Tunnel, a masterpiece of Victorian canal civil engineering and bloody long it is too at just shy of 2 miles. The morning commute through it is fine as you can literally see “The light at the end of the tunnel” but the evening commute is a tad disconcerting as it is totally pitch black, with just my immediate area illuminated by my excellent Lezyne LED light. The towpath through there is a mixture of horrendous water filled pot holes and a smooth concrete surface. According to local legend it’s meant to be haunted, which probably explains why I only ever see my tyre tracks in there.


Weight wise, it’s a 7Ib loss this week, I’ll happily take that, but know that it’ll slow down and become a slog soon.


But, it’s Friday and the traditional Beer with mates is happening this evening at the Park Gate at Dodford!


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