First week done…

Back at work for week 2. Still training on the IT systems I need to learn before I get let loose in the Engineering Department itself. Everyone seems very nice and eager to help, also I’ve met a few old faces from my old MG Rover/Land Rover days.

Excercise…Now here’s a tricky one. It’ll have to be done post work and it’ll be running. Each run will be around 30 minutes, as much as I’d like to cycle, I can’t manage the time to do it. With dinner to cook, Dan to sort, dogs to walk, homework to help with, house admin to do, there just isn’t enough minutes!

Food. I’m on a bag of fruit, Oranges Bananas, Apples & Pears and just drinking water all day. With a cooked meal of an evening.

Let’s see how that goes.


2 responses to “First week done…

  1. Just a suggestion – why don’t you go for a 30 min ride?

  2. Clive, I have always been of the opinion there is no point running unless someone is chasing you, but I have started at a gym on the days I don’t bike to work which has been a lot lately due to one thing and another.
    If those calorie counters on the treadmill are right there doesn’t seem to be anything that burns lard like running, I am up to 5km now after a few weeks. Although cycling is much more interesting

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