The place I’m at…

What to say, the last 6 months have been a total upheaval. House move, losing my job, twice! Dealing with a close family member’s mental health issues, scrabbling for time to pedal, do my rugby coaching and last but not least, be a Husband and Father.

Nothing the average modern family doesn’t have deal with I might add. There’s nothing special about us…

So after exactly 2 months out of work, I have landed a job. At Jaguar Cars, at their Engineering Centre at Whitley near Coventry. The heart of the British Motor Industry, well American previously as Ford owned Jaguar and Land Rover, but now Tata the Indian giant is in charge but that’s the way of the world.

The job is going back to something I did 10 years ago at MG Rover and Land Rover, that of Engineering Release. It’s a specialised job but I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty as you won’t be awake at the end! All I’ll say is the principles will have remained the same, but I’ll have new IT systems to learn.

Provisional start date is next Wednesday with a 4 weeks training period. I’m sure the Agency was bigging me up, but he said that 35,000 people applied for the job, maybe he misread the decimal point as I doubt that 35,000 people would know what the hell my new job entails. A nice tale to relate though.

How is this going to affect my cycling? Massively is the answer. It’s a 74 mile round trip and time constraints due to child care issues preclude me cycling, even a park and ride is out.

My commute will still be on 2 wheels because parking at Whitley is bordering on the lunatic, I had to abandon my car on traffic island for the interview the parking was that impossible! Also a motorbike won’t get held up in the traffic.

I’ll be picking up this on Saturday. A Honda CBF600.

It’s an adequate bike that’ll do the job, it’s not fast for a bike, but I was leaving all the cars for dead on my test ride.  Also it’s a Honda so it won’t break. Plus, after all of my sports bikes, it’s comfortable and won’t knacker me out while riding it!

So what’s the plan for my weight then? I’ve got to finalise the details, but it’ll require discipline as it’ll mean I get my excercise post work, probably a re-visit of the couch to 5k program with my daughter and a reaquaintance with my upper body apps on my iPhone. And most importantly continued food management. Not sure how pedalling will fit in yet.

So, that’s where I’m at, sorry for the lack of posts of late, my writing mojo totally vanished, it was a stuggle writing this to be honest, but small steps eh? This a marathon not a sprint.

Thanks for still visiting this place and the messages of support on here, Facebook and Twitter, it really is appreciated.

17 responses to “The place I’m at…

  1. Cracking news, bud.
    Proof that good things happen (eventually!) to good people.

    Like Ed Oxley (MTB trainer/guide/writer@SingleTrackWorld) says of the golden rule of MTB’ing, “Chin up”:

  2. Congrats on the new job. I always enjoy reading your blog, although I don’t get here very often, and glad to come across such good news.

  3. Great news, bad news going to two wheels with an engine, but needs must. Good luck with the new job and as you settle in I’m sure the chances to pedal will open up. Cheers

  4. Will the new ride include a helmet cam? Your video of Britain’s worst drivers always entertained. Good luck with the new gig and the new routine. Look forward to following along.

  5. Hi Clive like the others I was pleased to hear you had got fixed up with a job. I’ve never been out of work so far in a 43 year career, but know if I was it wouldnt be long before it hit home in a lot of ways mostly financial. Hope all goes well and you can manage to get some cycling in somewhere.

  6. That’s good news indeed 🙂

    Thankfully the evenings will be brightening up soon….it is darn hard work to motivate when its dark!

    Your plight did have me genuinely worrying for you….I didn’t think it was appropriate to call….

  7. Great news on the job front – you are one of life’s grafters and deserve success.
    Enjoy the CBF but I’m sure you’ll be on slower two wheels on a regular basis!

  8. Bit of a cop out eh Clive, surely the 37 miles e/w would have been a doodle for a guy like you, perhaps an hour and a bit each way! 🙂 Seriously, good luck with the new job.

  9. Was only thinking about you earlier as we’re doing a job in Birmingham and was wondering if there might be a bit of casual work we could put your way.

    Excellent news on the job, very pleased to hear it.

    Am even more pleased that “Awareness of Company History” obviously didn’t feature too highly in the selection process – Ford sold Jaguar 4 years ago! Welcome to the Indian Motor Industry. Good news is I’ve only heard good things about Tata’s takeover & the Range Rover Evoque is testament that the brands are going from strength to strength.

  10. You work at a Jaguar plant – very cool!!! Congratulations on the job and good luck with the commute, which is almost exactly what I have been doing for the past two years (and a 45-mile round trip for the eight years before that).

    Consider keeping a bike at work and going for lunchtime pedals. Otherwise, it’s all about making the most of summer evenings and weekends, I’m afraid. Still, a small problem given the larger issues you’ve addressed. Good luck!

  11. very pleased to read your good news Clive. I have been rooting for your these
    past few months ! You can be proud of the way you have coped with all of this. Go you!!!!!!!!
    best wishes

    Richard G

  12. Glad to hear the good news.

    Shame to hear you won’t be able to commute by bicycle. Maybe you should try and do it once a month.

    The idea of taking a bike to work and using it for rides at lunch is a good one.

    Good luck.

  13. Thanks all, the idea of lunch bike rides is a good one, not sure how I’d carry my push bike there on my motorbike though! 🙂

  14. You’ve weathered a long a difficult, storm and pedalled through. Well done. Just make the adjustments, eat well and grab the exercise when you can. You’ll be fine. Nice job on keeping your cool throughout all of this. Enjoy the new gig!

  15. Congrats my friend! Well done. And that bike makes me long for my old Suzuki Katana 600… ah, to be young again.

    Be careful at there, mate. You know the drill – ride like you’re invisible.

    As to the weight… have you thought a trainer for your bike? I ride indoors whenever I don’t have time for outside. A good Sufferfest workout in 45 min is akin to a 2-hr outdoor ride.

    And what I’ve found, as you know from my blog, is the eating thing is the KEY… tackle portion control and eating late at night and you will be good to go!

    Congratulations again.

  16. what are you a man or a mouse 74 mile round trip pah !! ha ha

    Seriously great news to hear you are gamefully employed again I have no idea how I would cope if I lost my job I would probably just give up !

    I’m sure you will find time for a pedal somewhere, if not other things are more important in life and so be it.

  17. Congratulations.!
    I’ve done that coach to 5k training schedule a few times, It’s a killer!

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