Phew, a day of rest? Yeah riiiiiight…

Up at 0715hrs, walked the hounds, got back did the family a full English, then prepped Sunday Dinner, then took Dan on the bikes to Hagley Swing Park, then did some shopping, then had a measure up for a bit of DIY that needs doing, it’s now 1415hrs and I’ve just sat down!

Half Term next week, that’ll be all about keeping the Spawn of Satan occupied, a few bike rides over the hills planned.

The rugby yesterday was pretty good, England won in a Snow strewn Rome, despite the scoreline I thought they always looked comfortable and were always going to win. Snow in Rome? I’ve been there twice for the rugby, both times in February and both times we were in shorts, T-Shirts, sandals and sunglasses. Although the locals were in coats, scarfs and gloves!

Oh, and an Iinternational Stadium, ten years old without under pitch heating? Oh please…only the French!

Wales for comfortable win against the Scots this afternoon I think.


3 responses to “Sunday

  1. Not as comfortable a win as expected, the scots gave Wales a fair bit to think about.

  2. I need you two to school me on this rugby thing… I’m confused by the two “leagues” or “styles” or whatever they are, and I need to understand the terminology.

    I tried Wikipedia and just got more confused.

    I think to sit in a pub with a couple of pints and some fellows like you talking rugby.

  3. Ok Fizz, I’ll do a post about it especially for you. Happy to do it!

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