Tuesday 2

A day of job hunting today. Ringing Companies, Agencies and surfing the job sites. It’s a dispiriting grind.

Yesterday wasn’t dispiriting though. A beautifully sunny day in and around Hagley so I was out on my Spesh having an explore.

I went off road the 5 miles to Stourbridge Rugby Club then a very quick blast on road to the Stewponey canal Junction at Stourton.


Here is some sort of water control feature, very fascinating watching the rushing vortex.


And here is the old canal Toll House.

toll house

After a few enjoyable minutes snapping away I was off towards Stourbridge via the Stourton Junction.

Stourton Junction

Locks at Stourton

The canal then was pretty rural all the way to Stourbridge where I made the trip past the old Bonded Warehouse as it is something of a local landmark.

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

Finally on the way home I did a recce of my cycle tomorrow which takes in the terrifying Stourbridge Ring Road.

There is absolutely no way I’m pedalling that on my trip to the dole office tomorrow and I’m an experienced Urban Pedaller!

Ther irony is that the town centre where the dole office is, is an imprisoned area inside the ring road that has banned cycling! It’s ok on the road to hell but not on the narrow slow moving streets inside the town centre. Madness.

So, I have to pedal up to the ring road, cross over via the pedestrian lights, get on the pavement and walk through town or push my bike on the pavement that circles the town centre on the ring road then dive in on a side road that is quite close to the dole office. As I said…Madness.

My bike afterwards at home.




2 responses to “Tuesday 2

  1. You have green things! That’s a very nice luxury in these parts, where almost everything is a shade of brown at this time of year.

  2. Thanks for including the pictures. I always like seeing other countries. Also I wouldn’t want to ride on Stourbridge Ring Road either, looks a tad busy.

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