A good walk yesterday and a realisation, if realisation was needed that our time on this Earth is finite.

My Mom called to tell me that my Dad who is 80 this year is not doing that great and to quote her directly, “is being kept alive only by his medication.”

All sorts of weird stuff went through my head. Some of it very selfish I’m ashamed to say. Stuff like “I hope he goes before I find work”, “what stuff will Mom need me to do?” “How will I get there as we only have 1 car?”

The one question I didn’t ask myself was how will Mom cope. Mom will cope perfectly well. Indeed during one of the deep and meaningfuls I had with Wifey when her Dad was going was I hoped my Dad would go first as he would struggle with general day to day stuff that Mom always did.

Mom grew up looking after a family as her Mom died when she was 7 or 8 and being the only female the house running and looking after her 2 brothers and Dad fell on her young shoulders. My Dad is from a generation of males who was always “looked after” by the family women and consequently hasn’t got a clue about house admin in general.

Mom ensured her 2 son’s (to use her words) “wouldn’t be a burden on any women in their lives” so she trained us to keep house, cook, do the laundry etc. Consequently we are I guess what you would call “modern men” even before the term became familiar.

So, now I will be waiting for the inevitable phone call from Mom and my brother and I will be heading for Wales.



3 responses to “Sunday

  1. Sad news indeed, something we all have to go through, though it’s so hard to take. I was living in the south of Ireland, when I got the news about my dad via a letter from my sister, it was 1978, we had no phones. It said, I should make the journey home urgently, but I didn’t make it home, to Wales, in time. Take care pal.

  2. My father passed eight years ago at the age of 66. He had lung cancer though he never smoked. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, so enjoy today.

  3. My dad died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 55. I never got to say goodbye.

    It’s normal to have those selfish thoughts but you also reaslised that there are others that may be more directly affected. There’s no manual for dealing with these emotions. We all have to take it as it comes.

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