My pedal yesterday was a giggle, my mate rocked up with his Ebay Carrerra, which has an excellent frame, but dodgy forks and drivetrain. But after a half an hour of fettling by yours truly his bike was ready for its first foray onto the trails, and my mates first dirt encounter in a good few years.

Bikes and Gate

A water stop at the highest point of the route above Stourbridge but that was after dodging the cross country runners from the local school. Well I say runners, they were mostly walking.

Then a battle with the mud, but after the obligatory puncture on my mates bike.


A whizz around the bridleways by Belbroughton then a tremendous downhill back into Hagley.


The skies were starting to look threatening just as we got to the Cafe for a bacon Buttie, then the heavens opened. We were inside, the bikes were outside!


A good couple of hours out and my mate wants to do it again next week!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me…


5 responses to “Friday

  1. Nice work with the fixing & fettling of your buddies bike.
    I’m a firm believer in “Bike Karma” – help another biker, and good bike things will happen to you!

    Happy birthday!!
    And some wise words from MTB skills guru, grower of beards, and all-round good guy, @GreatRock – Chin up!

  2. Happy Birthday, Clive. I hope you’re able to get out for a nice Birthday ride today.


  3. Happy Birthday!

    I went to look at the bikes in Halfords about a fortnight ago as they had a sale on and i’m after a new steed. I was pleasently supprised by what I found. With the exception of a few of the apollos most of the bikes were actually quite good. I very nearly came out of there with their new Titan bike which was reduced from £400 to just £250.

    In the end the very cheap brakes and the un-damped supension put me off the Titan. However for the £250 you’ve got to expect some major cost saving messures somewhere.

  4. Happy Birthday Clive, hope you will be having a couple tonight to ease the passing of another year.

    Keep looking ahead, your time will come

  5. Happy Birthday! I can think of no better way to spend the day (at least none appropriate to a family-oriented blog) than to reintroduce your friend to cycling with a nice pedal.

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