Bit of a change in plan, no pedal today, everything is loaded prepped and ready to go though.

But I have my mate coming today round to do some work on the kitchen that he started the week before everything went Pete Tong.

I have already had a little pedal though, Dan to school on the bikes dodging the WAGS in their Chelsea Tractors.


5 responses to “Monday

  1. Wives and Girlfriends, as in Footballers WAGS? All coiffuered hair, expensive nails, clothes, fake tans, dripping with Gold and 4x4s.

  2. If we ever meet, I will need to have ready access to the internet in order to understand your idioms. Either that or a translator. I shall now attempt to use the phrase, “Everything has gone Pete Tong” and see where that gets me.

    • UPDATE: The UK officer laughed. Everyone else had a confused expression. I was then forced to translate. There was much banter after that, which resulted in about 15 wasted minutes. Not good at all!

  3. Clive does love his phrases but I have heard most of them so I know what he is jibbering about. It is just some of the army ones that get me.

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