Hitting it hard…

Boy did I steam into the job hunting yesterday, I’ve a massive list of every agency I spoke to, every job I applied for and all of my contacts who I chased.

Why would I keep a list?

Well apart from an ability to keep track of where I am with the hunt, it is a requirement of the Job Seekers allowance benefit (Dole) to prove you are actively seeking work.

You have to do a minimum of 3 things a week to look for work. They say look at the local paper, look on the jobsite at DirectGov.com, or phone an agency etc.

The record sheet they have given me to prove my job hunting intent is now nearly full of things I’ve done. Which to be fair is irrelevant as they have told me they’ll take your word for it anyway and not check any of it! Bizzare!

My head was spinning with it yesterday so Wifey has ordered me to take a couple of days out next week for some me time. Who am I to argue with Wifey?

I’ll do a map recce today and look for a new route to do on Monday or Tuesday. I enjoy map recces almost as much as the actual pedal!


5 responses to “Hitting it hard…

  1. When I was last out of work I was given a form to fill in (from the dole office) with info on who I had contacted for work etc. I found this list to small with my bad hand writing so I printed it out on a couple of sheets of A4 keeping it as close to the format of the form as I could. Oh boy did the little hitler go through the roof when I handed it in on my next signing on day, started ranting and raving and waving it a round like a right loony, I just sat there looking at her like the rest of the office were. Thankfully never got to see her again.

    What area of work do you work in Clive???

  2. For my sins I appear to have drifted into Engineering/Project Management Departmental Head kind of thing. Not really sure how I got there to be honest.

  3. Born leader eh? I like the sound of checking out your new route, it’s always good to cycle somewhere different, says this welshcyclist, who can’t get out of this one valley.

  4. Long time no hear. (My fault, i’ve not been keeping up with my reading).
    I’m loving that new Specialized btw!

    I’m sorry to hear that you are out of work.

    I had the bright idea of riding to the job center once. I arrived with about 15mins to spare and decided to take the bike inside with me, as it looked less than safe to leavethe bike outside. The job centers security guard was less than sympathetic and soon escorted me and the bike back out. By the time i’d found a safe place to leave the bike and made my way back I was 2minutes late. They made me make a new appointment for another day!

  5. Hey up Jon, hope you’re ok mate? Good to hear from you!

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