Times they are a changin’

I’m not usually given to foresight and unusually correct type predictions, to use a Rugby cliche, I tend to play what’s in front me and not worry or think too much of what lies ahead of that.

But yesterday’s post about work and not liking it and having a “reassessment” could not have been more prescient.

I got in as usual around 0545hrs, did my usual ablute then started work after my usual quick post commute blog.

Then at 0900hrs my Panasonic equivalent rocked up from Cardiff as expected, promptly took me into the meeting room and told me my role was being absorbed into the Panasonic behemoth and my services were no longer required. He emphasised this was not performance related then told me to leave site immediately.

I said my goodbyes to my colleagues of 10 years, grabbed my kit into a box, threw it into a colleagues car along with my bike and was given a lift home.

That was it, 10 years of my life over without so much as a thank you, not that I expected one.

I actually think my friends there were more shocked than me, I was the busiest bloke there and had more work than I could handle. I am sure it made the other people there very nervous as to their eventual fate in their new Panasonic family.

But onwards and upwards, this has given me pause to think about my future (after signing on again today), I was certainly not happy with the way our once small friendly family firm was changing into a ruthless friendless intimidated faceless monster.

Management by intimidation seems to be the norm these days, although my immediate Panasonic Peers were very nice helpful people, they were clearly working their days away in abject fear of their big bosses. That wasn’t for me and I could not have seen me standing for it. I feel I would have left eventually anyway in an atmosphere like that.

So watch this space Gentle Reader.



6 responses to “Times they are a changin’

  1. Blimey what a tough one Clive! Hopefully in a few months time once you are sorted it will have been for the best. You appear to be an extremely resilient chap and if anyone can come out of this with a new job doing something they like I think it’s going to be you. Take a couple of days doing something you like MTBiking/family stuff or coaching rugby and then get on with the life stuff! A couple of days of fun is not a crime and will possible re-charge you and make the work challenge ahead slightly easier to tackle. Good luck! – Rob

  2. OMG….I was so happy for you when all things fell back in place…

    I am shocked, I wish I could help you.

    I ditto Rob….take a few days to recharge, then go at it.

    Good Luck, My thoughts are with you and the family.

  3. So sorry to hear this Clive, but as the song goes, “”the only bway is up”.

  4. Not even so much as a two-week notice? Wow, that is cold. I’ve never heard of that sort of thing. You’re right – you probably don’t want to work for a company that treats its employees in this manner.

  5. I hope you got a decent redundancy package or intend going for unfair dismissal, they’ve lost a good worker and decent guy.

  6. Sorry to hear this Clive. I was so pleased when you’d got the old job back. I hope you were TUPE’d across and therefore will get something out of it.

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