Quick in and out…

Our new Corporate Masters are now starting flex their not inconsiderate muscle. Total chaos here. First time in a while I’ve been stressed at work.

Pedalling going ok, looking forward to it continuing…


2 responses to “Quick in and out…

  1. Why is it bosses always seem to feel the need to change what’s not broke.
    We get new bosses on a regular basis and they all fetch their great ideas which are usually someone else’s and something we did ages ago but somebody got rid of it cos it worked and was useful , or it’s just total utter garbage ! then they move on and leave it behind .
    As long as they keep paying me !

  2. Pedalling in for an unexpected nightshift later, signs of frost this morning, but forecast says temps no lower than 1 degree centigrade? So I’m risking it, if it’s icy, in the morning, I’ll get my boy to come and pick me up. Get some of the chauffuering back that I’ve done for the past xx years. Like you I’m grateful just to keep the pedalling going, and according to the forecast into next week, it’s going to warm up again, hooray! Let’s hope so.

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