A new Fuel strategy.

After last weeks crampy, crappy commutes, today brings warmer weather, no wind to speak of and a new fuelling regime for the commutes.

I have on my bike a bottle full of water containing a sachet of Dioralyte, enough sachets in my pocket to last a week at work and a couple of Bananas.

On my commute in this morning I drank after every bastard uphill (trademark) and I finished the nearly empty bottle when I got into work. Then ate a Banana.

I then filled a 2 litre water bottle and emptied a sachet of Dioralyte into it and will drink that throughout the day. After my morning coffee that is! Along with another Banana around mid day.

I have already re-filled my bike bottle up and Dioralyted that for the return journey this afternoon where I will take steady sips from it all the way home to Hagley with the plan to arrive home with an empty bottle.

All of this detail will hopefully prevent the crappy cramps I suffered from last week. At one point during Thursday night while I was struggling to sleep I actually thought it might be the end of my pedal commuting. Dramatic I know, but you know how your mind starts playing tricks with you in the dead of the night!

4 responses to “A new Fuel strategy.

  1. Sounds like a plan, but don’t overdo the Dioralyte.

  2. The lack of any discussion about a visit to the doctor is worrisome. Here’s hoping you have found the solution to your problem.

  3. Thanks welshie, I won’t.
    Steve, I spoke to a mate (a Doc) and he suggested my course of action. I didn’t need to go through the rigmarole of booking a Doctor’s appointment.

  4. Try nuun tabs instead of the dioralyte: personally I prefer the taste, and they work out cheaper (at least in Ireland anyway)

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