Sunny Sunday

Already been out for a 2 hour walk with wifey and the Hounds from Hell, a nice day. I saw a few MTBers and Roadies out, but as I have a weeks commuting ahead I’ve stayed off the bike.

I cleaned the commuter yesterday and my Giant Defy is now gleaming, and I took the Blackburn Bar End Mirror off. It will not stay in position and I cannot find a way of making the UJs tight enough to remain where they are put. Not a good product.

I came across this on Twitter yesterday, makes for very interesting reading and makes perfect sense to me. Have a read and never worry about cleaning your chain the wrong way again! It’s also ideal for the lazy bike home mechanic!



3 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  1. Thanks for spying “This Bike is @#>/%” for us I enjoyed the read, it was informative, I think.

  2. Thanks Clive, that two days running you have opened my eyes, suffered from severe cramps at Cannock yesterday and you link in Saturday posting(only saw it when I got home) was the missing link to resolving my problem (hopefully). I am currently in the process of servicing and cleaning my bike (after yesterday) and have to fit a new chain so today article is interesting to say the least.

  3. Glad to be of service fellers!

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