Thanks for the hints and tips yesterday folks, you all said basically stuff I already knew and I as I have an aversion to Doctors I sought the expertise of a friend who is a Doc (but not the Doc I have to go to) and he told me something I had forgotten about when I was doing a very strenuous military course in the Army as young man. That of an addition to my water.

I was first introduced to Diarolyte in the military during the previously mentioned training course I was on. The course was basically lugging very heavy Bergans over various Welsh mountains in a quick as time as possible.

One of the Staff there saw me at the end of one phase taking my Bergan off and there was a layer of salt forming the outline of my Bergan on the outside of my combat jacket. You could scrape it off and sprinkle it on your chips!

He suggested Dioralyte as a good way of getting the various salts and electrolytes into me so I wouldn’t go down out on the mountains. I took his advice and while I never suffered with cramps or anything other than the expected massive fatigue you never know what it did to help.

So I’ll be adding these sachets into my water and seeing how I get on.

Rest and bike cleaning this weekend.


2 responses to “Nutrition…

  1. Seek out ‘Nuun’ as well.
    I carry some in my Camelbak for trail-side emergency usage. They’ve saved a fair few rides, too.
    I tend to not drop them into the Camelbak, though. I carry an empty bottle on the frame, drain some water into that, and then make an emergency electrolyte drink.
    Had to do this about 3 times during last years BHF London to Brighton off-road. I had killer cramps at 32miles. This continued until 45miles. Then subsided to just cramps. Without the Nuun I wouldn’t have been able to continue.

    I forget what flavours Diarolyte comes in. But, I do remember that I found the blackcurrant one to be the most palatable.

  2. As a diabetic, I swear by Dioralyte to get me back on track after a dicky tummy. It’s awesome stuff, cheap, almost weighs nothing (until you stick it in water obviously) and the simplest to use. It’s great stuff. I’d go blackcurrant too, for preference 🙂

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