Advice needed…

Ok, here’s the deal, since Wednesday morning’s pedal in I’ve been getting cramp all over my body, arms, legs, hands, stomach even my bloody face! These have been getting progressively worse until last night it was agony, I couldn’t find a position to sit or lie that was comfortable and I didn’t get any sleep at all.

Now I know the thing about salts or lack of causing cramps and my diet is a healthy one. The only difference is the amount going in has been drastically reduced for obvious reasons, but nothing I haven’t done before perfectly safely.

I’m sat here at work having been dropped off by car and I’ll be getting the train home. The irony is that the conditions are still and dry, perfect pedalling weather for me.

I’m still getting cramps even sat here typing, especially my thighs, any one got any clues or helpful hints at the steps I can take to avoid this? Pedalling is impossible and I don’t do Doctors if I can help it!

Thanks in advance.


10 responses to “Advice needed…

  1. If you are getting such generalised cramps that are not related to exercise then a blood test would be sensible to check your sodium and potassium levels. Might not be anything at all to worry about but best to get it checked out early. Wish you well.

  2. We all try to avoid the Doctor if we can, but I would get yourself seen just to rule out anything sinister. I’m sure its nothing but its better to be sure. All the best.

  3. Here I am, being chastised by the cycling community because I have not acted to fix a worn tire and you sit wondering if cramps over your entire body for several days is worthy of a visit to the doctor. Get yourself checked out, you silly person!

  4. Get checked out!!

  5. Between now and your impending doctor’s visit you might consider the following…

    Simple exercise related cramping usually results from some combination of dehydration, electrolyte or other mineral imbalance, and excessive exertion beyond your current level of fitness.

    Add potassium to your diet, bananas are a good source. Perhaps also an electrolyte supplement. Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes before each pedal are inexpensive and your body will generally flush anything it doesn’t need.

    Be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.

    Best of luck…


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