I am certainly getting my arse handed to me on my commute home at the moment. I got to Dan’s school just in time yesterday after a ride that was just carnage. The head wind is killing me, add on the uphill nature of the ride and I was knackered.

On the walk home from his school pushing my bike I was hanging and felt properly faint when I got in. I then endured back spasms and cramps all evening.

But, needs must etc, I was back on my bike in the pouring rain and gales again this morning. It really is becoming a test of endurance at the moment! A test I shall pass.

Oh, and I’ve decided, the mirror is crap, it’s coming off. More about that during my mammoth bike cleaning session at the weekend.


4 responses to “Brutal…

  1. I’m with you on this one. The commute to and from work this week has been truely challenging. I’ve cycled more miles this week leaning into the wind at a 45 degree angle. Every now and then the wind tries to supprise me by changing direction without warning, making me take action to avoid falling off. If it thinks I’m getting the better of it it rains and soaks me to the skin. I still enjoy more than the car.

  2. It is mid -winter though ! spring will be here before we know it….. now where did I leave my shorts ?

  3. I suppose the uphill climb home is preferrable to the reverse, whereby you would arrive at work covered in sweat and completely knackered.

  4. Really testing commute today, winds always against me? But didn’t get wet at all! Made for very enjoyable cycling.

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