Back at it…

I lay in bed this morning for 45 minutes trying to come up with excuses not to go in to work. I’ve been dreading it. With my sciatica and my surprise redundancy I haven’t really been in to work proper since the middle of November. I was a bit of a misery guts yesterday truth be told. There has to be more to life than this?

Anyway, I got up at 0445hrs, my usual time and noted straight away the sound of very high winds and torrential rain. You have got to be joking?

No, indeed Mother Nature was very serious and my first commute and pedal of 2012 was done in very British conditions. According to the Met Office the wind is a South Westerly of 25mph strength gusting to 40mph.

Whatever, it was a tail wind, then a head wind, then a side wind and every other type of directional wind the compass has to offer. With its best mate, torrential rain for company.

It was the first time in a while I’ve deployed my overboots and had to rely on my jacket to keep me dry.

But I got here all right, pretty dry and feeling ok.

In light of the nature of my on road commute I’ve fitted a mirror for added safety. First impressions are that it’s about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. I’ll go into detail after this weeks pedalling is done and dusted and I am able to be a bit more scientific.


8 responses to “Back at it…

  1. It’s good to see you back…and very good to see you have some income 🙂 as much as I would enjoy not going to work the lack of money would impinge on my cycling activities.

    I have had one of those bar end mirrors sat on a book shelf in my office for over a year, I have never quite got around to fitting it…

    I always suspected that it would a) get in the way, b) be unusable on the road due to vibration, c) scare me to death at how close the cars are getting d) I would get lazy and use the mirror instead of actually looking.

    We really must go for a cycle ride this year!

  2. I believe the ones you fit to your helmet are better, less vibration but you end up looking like a knob ha ha.
    I of course do not have one

  3. Here’s to a better 2012 for you mate.

    Hats off on the commute today it certainly looked horrid this morning, hopefully it’ll have eased off for the ride home.

    I just purchased one of these mirrors (my first ever bike mirror) and must say I think its great

    How is the weight going at the moment?

    Safe cycling


  4. I use a mirror clipped to my glasses. A helmet mount would work about the same. I’ve also tried the bar mounts. I much prefer the one that moves with my head. Takes some fiddling to get the angle right, but once you’re used to it, a very small turn of the head can scan the entire backfield to one lane either side of your position, little or no blind spot. I don’t recommend changing lanes without a glance back but for me it adds a lot of confidence in traffic when I can keep track of the rolling weapons in close proximity.

    Here’s to a great new year for all of us!


  5. I too was glad to see you are back, missed the daily read. I was also glad to hear you were back working. Hope the new year treats us all a little better. My cycling friend has a mirror on the down tube about in the possition of the old style gear leaver. He just looks down, he swears by it.

  6. Well in mate

    Im off till next week and looking at today im glad

  7. Great stuff Clive, I’m afraid I wimped out of the commute today, when I got up at 05.00, it was the same here, rain lashing down and wind howling. What stopped me getting the bike out was the wind gusts which were 60-70 mph, as forecast. Of course this afternoon at home time it was all blue skies and bearable wind gusts……doah!!!

  8. I use a mirror that attaches to my shift levers. It works great because I can see cars approaching from the rear when i ride to work and I could watch my daughter and make sure she was right behind me as we ride our bikes around Germany.

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