World of Hurt

Year of hell? Not even close.

On Monday we were marched off the premises at work and told the company was now in the hands of the reciever, we weren’t getting paid again, which was due Thursday and there would not be any redundancy pay.

The galling thing is that the Engineering side of the business was making a profit and I was busier than a busy thing and it appears that the IT side of the business has dragged the whole group down.

As a practicality, we have no money and bills including a mortgage to pay for.

So Dear Reader, please contact me if you would like to see a CV, as a precis, I’m a Maintenance/Warranty/Support departmental manager that supports equipment in mobile workforce vehicles. Our customers include the military/Police/Ambulance/Fire/AA/RAC and various Public Utility companies. This is in the UK Europe and the States and Middle East.

Happy Christmas.


13 responses to “World of Hurt

  1. Clive, that is bleedin awful news I can’t imagine how you feel but one thing I have learnt this year is you never know what is around the corner and who knows it may be a blessing in disguise and something better comes along.

    I hope you don’t mind but I have put a link on my blog to yours maybe somebody will contact you through it you never know. I wish you the best of luck.


    Hi Clive
    very sorry to hear your terrible news. The above website is useful as you are entitled to statutory compensation from the Government, although this will take a few weeks to come through once you make your claim. The important thing is to find out precisely what the status of your employer is. Has the company definitely gone into formal insolvency? If so is it administration, receivership or liquidation? You are a creditor of the company and are entitled to be provided with details of the insolvency practitioner who has been appointed, and what his plans are for the company?
    If the business is sold as a going concern all your rights automatically transfer to the buyer under the TUPE REGULATIONS. For example the business may be sold back to its existing owners or directors under what is known as a Pre pack deal.
    I will not insult you by offering platitudes at this difficult time. What I have learned is that people approach finding a job in the same way that they approach their life in general. The positive “can do ” attitude that comes through in your blogs will get you sorted, even if it might not be as quick as you would like.
    Good luck and best wishes
    Richard G


  3. Sorry to hear of your untimely stoke of bad luck Clive.

    I can’t offer anything positive at the moment but stay positive and keep the food in check. Stay on the bike regularly as you don’t want to be starting all over again!

    Good luck fella.

  4. Hi there Clive, really bad news for you and your family. Check out Network Rail, alot of changes happening at the moment, and the chance of vacancies, I hope in your area. Keep your chin up, I know you’ll bounce back, cheers and good luck.

  5. Clive, such terrible news, and at this time of year for this to happen,
    As above keep your chin up and best of luck for the future,
    were all out here if you need us for help in any way that we can be of use,


  6. OMG Clive….That is bad news indeed.

    I do hope everything works out for the better.

  7. Hope you find something soon. Never a nice thing to happen but this time of year must really rub the salt in. Good luck for 2012.

  8. Arse. I feel for you.

    Speak to the receivers if you can, you never know who they are talking to.

    As for the how it happened, I just hope that if it ever happens to my company that I can do better by the staff, but I know that might not be possible or easy.

  9. Your lack of posts had me worried something was amiss. I have nothing to offer you, Clive, except my thoughts and prayers. I’m not an expert on unemployment options in your blessed isle, but surely there are assistance programs? Hang in there, buddy. Something will come up.

  10. Hi Clive I was really really sorry to hear your bad news. Its never good, but at this time of year. I wish you and your family well and hope you get fixed up soon.

  11. Thoughts are with you and your family Clive, I hope everything turns around quickly for you.

  12. Hi there Clive,

    Sorry to hear your bad news, I first noticed it on twitter, I tried to respond on there, but couldn’t, for some reason unbeknownst to myself. I don’t twitter, and my son says it’s to do with my settings? Of course, he didn’t offer to sort them out.
    All I wanted to say was, try Network Rail, there are lots of changes going on throughout the country, you never know your luck? I joined them when I was made redundant, for the third time, in 1996. Good luck, I know you’ll bounce back. Cheers.

  13. Bloody hell mate

    Sorry to hear about this, especially at this time of year, we work in totally different industries so im not sure I can help, but I’ll ask around.

    Good luck mate and always remember , intimes of crap, food ISNT the answer !

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