Netherton Tunnel Pedal.

Last week I did a pedal through Netherton Tunnel .

I was recceing a commute on the canal that would get me to work without the trial that is the A456 Hagley Road.

The route took me through Lye, close to the Merry Hill Shopping Centre and on to the Dudley No2 Canal. It was very hilly especially on a singlespeed! The last climb up to the canal had me walking!

Once on the cut I was back on familiar towpath territory which as you know I enjoy. Pretty soon the tunnel loomed, I knew it wasn’t lit so I had my mega off road front light deployed.

Southside Portal.The tunnel itself was fascinating, there were drips from the air vents, a reasonable towpath and brilliant mineral deposits all along the walls with the small speck of the exit getting forever larger as you pedalled. Then out!

Northern Portal
The route then took me to the Birmingham Main line Canal which I knew took me past Smethwick and work.

On the main Line

I went past Winson Green Bridge which is where I get off usually for work before I moved house and carried on to Longbridge via Birmingham on the Worcester Birmingham Canal where wifey picked me up in the car.

The bottom line is that it’s not doable as a commute. The road bit to the canal is well dodgy and I had more close passes just getting to the canal than I have had in ages and that wasn’t in the rush hour! It seems the Black Country drivers can’t see cyclists! I could do it via a park and ride like the old days, but a lack of a car precludes that.

Anyway, an enjoyable pedal non the less. Route here.


2 responses to “Netherton Tunnel Pedal.

  1. Just followed your link to Wikipedia…2,768 m long! Awesome stuff Clive :>)

  2. I was considering going through the tunnel yesterday (27/8/13) whilst on a 50 miler with my 9 year old son. He’d done the Cookley tunnel and the Coseley tunnel but was getting a bit spooked by the idea of a 3km tunnel. He wanted to go over the top, via Kates Hill and through Dudley and he made an excellent job of the climb for a little ‘un tbf. Also I think my bike may not have been suitable as my current bars are very wide and give only about 3″ clearance on each side in most tunnels. Not good in the dark! I reckon I’ll get him to do it at some point, not before I’ve had a go with my full lighting kit on.

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