Back to same old same old…

Have a look at this, unfortunately the vehicle registration doesn’t show up at all.


3 responses to “Back to same old same old…

  1. Since the film made it from your helmet cam to the interweb I trust you weren’t hurt. Stay safe.

  2. Hi,
    Bad news if you have to ride that route every day, other than riding in the centre of the line I guess you’re in the firing line. You could report ‘driving without reasonable consideration’ offences to the cops every day but (a) that’s a hassle and (b) most cops I know are lazy sods who wouldn’t be interested if it means working for a living 🙂


  3. Just seen this Clive,

    Did you report it to the company whose vehicle was being driven?

    They may be able to I.D. the driver from the time and route. They also may take offence to the negative publicity their driver is getting them…….

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