Lower than a Submarine’s shithouse…

It seems the year from hell has finally caught up with me. I’m exhausted, both physically and mentally. My body is is shot, my shoulders are permanently aching and I have a never ending nagging headache. Add on to the fact my normal good humour is lacking and you can see why today and tomorrow morning can’t go quickly enough. The “can’t be arsed” attitude has landed.

My extra excercise came crashing to a halt also so it’s just been sporadic pedals indispersed with commuting.

That’s the downer out of the way. I’m trusting that the week and a half off, including a visit to my folks in Wales will sort me out.

But, the running and excercises will be starting again after my holiday. This time with a training partner. My daughter Fay. She has plans to go in the RAF so she needs to be fit. Those of us who have served will know if you’re fit then everything else is easier and it’s a route to instant kudos with the troops. So if she’s lucky enough to get in, she’ll be as fit as a butcher’s dog when she does.

I’m looking forward to having company!


5 responses to “Lower than a Submarine’s shithouse…

  1. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so low. At times I feel like this because getting on the bike everyday can sometimes be a pain. Those that know me though would say I never get depressed and am a happy go lucky sort of chap. I suppose I’m lucky in that respect.

    It’s good to have a break sometimes from the bike but I always start feeling guilty if I’m off it too long.

    Keep you chin up and stay positive.

    Good luck for you daughter too.

  2. Hi Clive,
    Don’t beat yourself up we all get down somedays.

    Thanks to your blog I have finally got off my arse and started doing something to get fitter. If I can keep going at this fitness lark as you have there is hope for me to lose a few pounds

    As your moto says ‘Don’t ever stop’ even if you are not riding or down a bit your pearls of wisdom and occassional rants actually motivate others!

    Keep it up and enjoy your time away.

    Rob Poole AKA http://chubbyonwheels.blogspot.com/

  3. Cheers fellers.
    Rob, I’ve stuck a link to your blog on my blogroll, hopefully you can start motivating others like Toby has.

  4. Hang in there, Clive. Hope you are feeling better!

    By the way, I wrote something that was in homage to my two favourite Brits: You and C.S. Lewis. Pop over to my site to take a look.

    Big Clyde

  5. hello mate,

    sorry to read your chin strapped mate, but chin up, dig deep, remember the hard parts over when you started the phys mate, hope seeing your folks squares you away mate.

    Remember you inspire people to get out there and get fit.

    So when you feel shit and hate everything and everyone, remember there`s hundreds of people on here, that you`ve never met, but draw strength from you, so draw some from us mate, we`re here for each other, fat boy`s ride together lol.

    Happy days for your daughter mate, what trade she going for????

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